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There is a simple reason, why I don’t offer a $99 Pinterest ebook and promote it to the 9M people I reach on Pinterest – it wouldn’t help them get result.

Have you ever bought an ebook that told you what to do, how to do it, handled all the issues you run into whilst implementing? – I doubt that.

“But Joanna?! There are people leaving testimonials, that it works!”

Here is how testimonials usually work

a). stock photo of a model + “amazing result” person want to promote on their site

b). offer to deliver services for free or highly discounted, for the sake of testimonial – here is why it’s so flattering

c). weak testimonial, really hyped out (person who see it doesn’t even understand it) eg. 

– I do this for 15 years (so what, it’s not a result)

– I have 100k Pinterest followers (so what, people come to promote on Pinterest to get clicks back to their content, not to grow following. Amount of followers is irrelevant)

– I helped this person get 30k reach on Pinterest in 3 months time (so what, I helped Jackson grow from 70k to 1M in 1 month, I grew my own reach from 300k to 1m in 1 month with only 200 followers)

i can go on and on but you get the point

d). real testimonial, from real person, really easy to verify

PinMeApp Testimonials

Jackson Groves – travel blogger

Main traffic source to blog: Google SEO

Goal: diversify where the traffic comes from

Result: Within 1 month we were able to grow Jackson’s Pinterest account from 1k to 7k blog visitors, referred through Pinterest. His Pinterest account grew from reaching 70k people to reaching 1M people.

jackson- pinmeapp

Jacob Sapochnick – immigration lawyer

Main source of leads: YouTube channel

Goal: drive traffic from Pinterest to YouTube videos + diversify where the traffic comes from

Result: Within 2 weeks Jacob’s reach grew from 20 people per day to 800 people per day. Bigger engagement on YouTube channel. Ranks no 1 for immigration lawyer and E2 visa on Pinterest

jacob sapochnick pinmeapp
e2 visa sapochnick-2
client love- jacob sapochnick

Chane Steiner – CEO at Crediful (personal finance site)

Main source of website visitors: Google SEO

Goal: drive traffic from Pinterest to Crediful blog

Result: Within 2 weeks Chane’s reach grew by 1k new monthly viewers every day in the first month (additional 30k viewers in 1st month)

crediful logo
crediful pinterest
chane steiner crediful pinmeapp testimonials

Want my help?

If you like the results I am getting. I have 3 options to work with me.

Here is an email template to send me first (feel free to copy and fill the …):

Hi Joanna,

This is my Pinterest profile: …(link)

I do ……

(eg. have online courses, I am influencer on YouTube/IG/have Fb group, I am a lawyer/dentist/ surgeon, I have ecommerce store- don’t be too creative- just tell me what you do)

I make money like this ….

(eg. run fb ads to my webinar, sign people up to my email list, let them know about my FB group where I promote my online courses and I sell them every day.)

Here is my problem ….

(eg. I want to drive free traffic from Pinterest too, same way I do with Fb ads, it already converts, just need more traffic to make more money. OR. I want to diversify where my clients find me OR I want to reach more people with my offer)

Can you help me with this?

My end goal is… 

(eg. drive 10k targeted visitors to my already converting sales pages/ IG account/ FB posts/ blog posts/ YouTube videos/ podcast episodes to convert more people and grow those platforms at the same time)

BTW, I sent you friend request on FB, so you can respond to me directly there once you see this email.


… (name)

Next steps:

What will happen is I will review your account, see what you need and I will know if I can help you get your end result.I can either go back to you and say: 

a). No, this is not something I can help you with

b). Here is a video/post that will help you

c). Let’s set up a call ($250) and I will walk you through the process. If you are too busy I can record a video explaining your game plan- tailored 100% to you

d). I can tell you that I have a Pinterest Training ( $2000) where I teach exactly that

e). I can invite you to a VIP Pinterest Training ($5000) where you get the same as in the standard version + you get my unlimited 1:1 support. The goal is to set up and automate your Pinterest account within 6 weeks. By the end of the program you will be in a position where we are sending at least 10,000 targeted visitors to your converting offers each month so you can grow your income extremely fast.

Decision if you decide to work with me is yours. You can either stay stuck or ask the right question to the right people and get it fixed. My goal is your result.


Pinterest Training is a self study step by step course to help you
your Pinterest Account so you can set it up and automate it. Goal is to get free targeted traffic for years - to your already converting offers on your website and and social media channels.


Get 1:1 tailored advice for your business. What to focus on, what to change. The goal is to help you get consistent traffic from Pinterest. Ask away, any Pinterest related questions you have

Pinterest Training VIP

Self study material + unlimited 1:1 support to get Pinterest set up completed within 6 weeks

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