Why your business needs a blog


Having blog section on your website can bring lots of positive outcomes. Here is a list:

  1. Show expertise
  2. Help find information
  3. Added value
  4. Free marketing
  5. Provide value- stand out from competition
  6. Your customers get to know you- and they must know you and like you to buy from you
  7. Grows your audience
  8. Longterm impact

Let’s dive into it a bit.

Show expertise

Creating a website with your offer, contact info is not enouh to get a client. Everyone can create a website and call themselves eg. “Best lawyer in Miami- call me” but to actually be trusted and get clients you need to do more than that. The more valuable information you share the easier it is for your customer to trust you. Create case study, useful tips, reviews, testimonials. Explain topics that people have confused, make it easy to understand. Don;t worry about sharing too much. People hire you not because they don’t know how to do it, they hire you because tehy don;t want to do it. Everyone can learn accounting, cutting hair, law, but not many people want to do everything on their own. They rather pay an expert to it it for them. So don’t worry to share the secrets, chance that someone will go and apply it are extremely small. They want to know if you are qualified to do it for them. Not sure I got it right. Just think about loosing weight. Everyone on the plate knows what to do to loose weight- eat clean and exercise. Does it mean people don’t hire personal trainers for $500/h to train with, of course they do. You can be a personal fitness coach, share all your workouts online and people still would want to hire you, they want another set of eyes to check if they do it right. Are there people who watch youtube videos train and loose weight, yes they are. So no matter if you get views, grow your brand and popularity or you get a high ticket client to hire you, you win in both cases. So share your expertise. You are honestly hurting your brand trying to get money out of people before you let them know what needs to be done. You’re not building trust, you build distrust.

Help find information

Everyone when they face problem they try to self medicate, they search for solutions. Having a blog that is well SEO optimized might be what they find during this process. You do want to be the one who’s article was complete and helpful. You build trust and become an expert not even knowing. People start sharing your content, linking to it, it gets more popular. Thats the standard process. The more helpful information you share in your blogpost the easier it is for your future clients to find you.

Added value

When you read a good article or watch awesome video you usually check out more content the person created as yu already have high hopes you’ll find even more great content. The more content you create, the more interlinks you build the easier it is for your customers to find you, trust you and buy from you.

Free marketing

Writing a blog doesn’t cost you a thing. It’s free marketing. Create blog posts, promote them for free on your social media channels and with Pinterest.

Provide value- stand out from your competitors

Think of Gary Vee. Guy creates a lot of useful content, he was probably the first person who created vine channel on YouTube. Just because his competitors were offering in store promotions didn’t make him settle and compete in the same way. Instead he found a way to be way above his competition. He created valuable content and this way made his brand stand out and don’t participate in the competition at all. People would buy his wine because of him, not because of the price. Some people buy the cheapest, some the most expensive and some because they trust the seller and want to do business with them. Why people buy fragrances from Kardashians- without smelling them first- because they trust they will like it. Building a personal brand and trust will get you so much further than cometing with your so called competition.

Your customers get to know you- and they must know you and like you to buy from you

The more you share, written posts or video content, people get to know you. Think of Kardashians, they share a lot, you think you know them and probably you do know 50%. And this is enough to make judgements whether you want to buy from them or not. You don’t have to have a reality show, but sharing your knowledge and showing up will help your customers get to know you, and they must know you and like you to buy from you. Even when your customers are looking at “Miami lawyer” first in Google, they see a long list and they want to make best decision, so they do digging, they try to find more information, see satisfaction rate. If you don’t have a blog, don’t share case studies, testimonials, reviews, valuable tips, then you won’t win a customer easily.

Grows your audience

The more people know about you, the more will talk about you and this becomes a snowball effect. So the more content you have the higher the chance someone will share it, and then more people will share it and it will reach your customers in the right moment, right when they need your help.

Longterm impact

You create blog post/ video once and it has potential to help people for years. If you promote your content on Pinterest and use PinMeApp to repin your content, you can expect people finding the content for years. Small action can bring a huge reaction, when done properly.

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