Why you should never buy ebooks

why you should never buy ebooks

Wondering why you should never buy ebooks?

In this post/video I’m going to explain why you should never buy ebooks and what to do instead?

My name is Joanna Szewczyk and I help client based experts get clients from Pinterest.

Pinterest is a search engine that you can “set and forget” and show up high on top of search results whenever your clients need your offer.

So why you shouldn’t buy ebook? Because they won’t ultimately will help you get to the point where you want to be.

If information was all that we needed, everyone would have six pack and be a multimillionaire.

Information is out there, it’s available, all you have to do is implement it.

Hiring an expert is the best option because they can help you get what they already achieved. They already went through it on their own, know the pitfalls, know where things will go sideways.

Why it’s best to join Pinterest now?

Because it’s still undervalued and under estimated platform. There is a big chance your competition is not paying attention either.

So if you have a lot of content, great sales pages, amazing lead magnets that attract you the right audience than joining Pinterest, setting and automating your account is a smart move.

Why not pour gasoline on the fire and send more traffic to the places that convert already. Especially knowing that people in search engines are actively looking for solutions.

My client Anna is a fertility expert and has a high ticket course. Before joining my course she was sending friend requests to 20 people each day on Facebook. Only 10% people accept her friend request so building an audience was a pain.

Anna creates content on a daily basis and share it on her Facebook profile.

When she started my course within 2 months had a pin go viral and bring her 907 visitors to one of her Facebook posts. 4th pin on the screen below.

anna reyes results-2

The results came immediately, she started getting notifications that people followed her, she started getting friend requests and 6 people scheduled a consultation within 10 days. Her podcast subscribers 7x in couple of days. Her Pinterest account reaches 100k people per month and continues to grow.

And the reason this happened is because she decided to promote her content for free on Pinterest. She invested in my course, got a step by step plan how to implement, got her questions answered daily and had me assist her with setting up automation in PinMeApp.

There is lots of mom bloggers sharing tips about fertility on Pinterest, so how come Anna got such great results right away?

The answer is- the proper set up and automation. You see most people don’t take the time to learn how Pinterest algorithm works, don’t pay attention to important factors that are crucial to account growth.

I on the other hand decided to learn everything about it and now I help my clients get the same success.

If you want to learn what my secret method looks like than watch this 15min video where I walk you through my CGMA method. This method allowed me to reach 10m+ people on Pinterest each month and get 20-40k visitors on my site.

Click here to watch.

So instead of leaving money on the table and running on this hamster wheel of constant content creation and chasing clients you can spend 40h and have a platform that sends you clients on autopilot for free for life.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in a comment! Would like to hear what’s on your mind

Go to PinMeApp.com/growth

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post/video as much as I’ve enjoyed making it for ya. If you know an independent client-based business owner who wants more clients, feel free to share it with him/her. See you in the next video. Until then, keep up the good work!

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why you should never buy ebooks
why you should never buy ebooks pinmeapp

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