Why you need to make Pinterest part of your sales funnel

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Do you already have a proven funnel, but you just need more traffic?

In this post/video I’m going to show you why you need to make Pinterest part of your sales funnel.

If you don’t know me, my name is Joanna and I help client-based experts to get inbound traffic & sales from Pinterest… every single month (without wasting time using “spammy organic” or “expensive ads”).

Are you sick and tired of wandering where your next client is going to come from? Are you frustrated talking to leads, who just “don’t get it”.

This is of course extremely frustrating, because clients are the oxygen of your business. Without them your business is suffocating. Not having a predictable stream of laser targeted, ready to buy leads causes a lot of stress and suffering.

What if you could reach your ideal clientele right at the beginning of their discovery stage. Early stage influences purchases. Whatever we find first and see most of it, thats what in the end we are going to choose.

What if you could be the first expert your costumers find when they look for the solutions you offer?

Pinterest is a place to do just that. Getting in front of the right people, who need your solution. All you need is make sure your content show up on top of Pinterest search results and in the feed of your ideal clientele.

And in my Pinterest course I teach you exactly how you can do that. So that within 3 months your Pinterest account can bring over 10k prospects into your sales process on autopilot.

If you are an expert who creates content that people are searching for than this is by far the lowest hanging fruit as you reach huge audience, get results extremely fast and don’t have to deal with people who “don’t get it”.

Showing up on top of search results builds your expert position. My client Jacob – immigration lawyer has a huge presence on many social media channels. That helps him rank on top of search results for his particular keywords. He hired me to set up Pinterest account for him to boost visibility of his content. And as Pinterest is a search engine and a site with very good authority rank. He not only ranks on top of Pinterest but also in Google.

If you are an expert who creates useful content for your audience and you want to reach the right people at the right time- show up in the search results right in the moment when they first develop the need for your product/service, than you are in luck. Because I created this short 12min video where I walk you step by step throgh the process I went to have Jacob ranking on top in short period of time.

Go to pinmeapp.com/growth/ and see my 4step system that can help you get just that

If you are a busy individual and would rather get some guidance or even done for you solution, than after you watch this short 12min explainer video, there is a chance to schedule a free 1:1 consultation with me, where you’ll get my advice as to what I would do in your specific shoes and if you are a good fit and I feel like I can help you get simmilar results to Jacob, than I can invite you to work with me directly.

Traffic is the oxygen of your business. And if you want to breath fresh air of clients that are great fit, who come to you, instead of you chasing them or settling to work with non-ideal clients, just so you can make a living, than watching this video will open your eyes on the opportunity Pinterest presents for your business.

If you are still reading it means you are interested so go to pinmeapp.com/growth/

I hope you enjoyed this article/video as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. If you know a client based expert who is looking to scale and reach bigger audience thats highly targeted and interested in hearing from you, feel free to forward them this post. I’ll see you in the next one!

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why make pinterest sales funnel-2
why make pinterest sales funnel-2

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