Why Pinterest reach is important, and why everyone lies that it’s not

So you probably saw plenty of experts saying that reach doesn’t matter, that clicks matter.

In this post I am going to make it clear which information to pay attention to.

Does followers matter on Pinterest or anywhere else – NO!! Why- because there is no correlation between followers and reach and clicks and saves.

You can gat an app and grow your followers but it won’t help you grow traffic to your account.

It will actually hurt you!

Why? It’s simple, Pinterest is search engine, so it decides what to show up high in search results based on if people clicked on it before or not. SEO optimization and repin ratio are 2 main factors what goes on top of search results.

Here is a post about Pinterest Algorithm that can help you understand that part better.

I have clients with 30k followers that don’t even get 1k clicks from Pinterest, and they reach is around 40k.

Now looking at my account, when I had 200 followers and was reaching 1M people on Pinterest I was getting 8k clicks per month. 

It is much much much better to have small amount of followers on Pinterest, but people who will click and save your content! That helps the algorithm promote your content further for free.

To conclude, followers doesn’t matter- don’t get apps that help you grow your Pinterest following. Want to know what to do instead- I teach what to do in my Pinterest Training! And that will help you get awesome results!

Does clicks matter- hell yes, thats the main goal to put your content on Pinterest, to get those clicks. And guess when you get the most clicks? When people can see your content, and the more people see your content the bigger the reach, simple. 

If Pinterest shows your content to 40k people per month, you can get 800 clicks, but if it shows it to 5M, you can get 15k clicks.

So your goal is to grow the reach, as the bigger the reach the more clicks and saves you’ll get.

Does saves matter- yes! Saves help you grow your reach, it makes your pin visible to the followers of the board where someone saved your pin to.

What types of pins get most saves- infographics, pins that say it all. The more repins your content get the stronger your account gets.

Is your reach going to grow if you are not consistent and not pinning daily, not repinning other people’s content- no it won’t. Do you have to pin till your fingers starts bleeding? No you don’t I made it easy for you and created PinMeApp to take care of the repinning for you. Just set up once and have your content repinned forever!

Want to pin brand new content daily. You can do it, Pinterest have a planning tool built in so you can add fresh content every 2 weeks. I pin 2 new pins per day, but do it every 14 days. If I were to spend time on repinning my content or figuring out what was pinned where and when I would probably leave Pinterest long time ago. I built my tool and it repins for me.

To conclude I created Pinterest Training to give you:

A. All the basic information – how algorithm works, what to do, what not to do and how to do it.

B. Step by step plan how to CREATE-> GROW->MANAGE and ->AUTOMATE your Pinterest account- thats a fairly fast process, and can be done in 12 weeks when starting a brand new account from scratch.

After that you just need PinMeApp to repin your content forever so you can get traffic forever. And if you want to grow your account further you can put few hours and grow it. But if you’re satisfied with the traffic you’re getting, then you don’t need to do much and it will come month after month for years.

Now, why people tell you that reach doesn’t matter?

Simple, they don’t know how to reach more people with their content, so they talk about they following. Thats an easy thing to buy, so don’t fall for that.

Years of experience on Pinterest, doesn’t matter, if you can’t provide results, show your reach, means you wasted years on Pinterest.

Claiming to be an expert everyone can do, but please do your research, think of what results you want to get. Do you care about followers or reaching millions of people with your content, getting clicks and sales.. Put Pinterest reach as your top priority. It is achievable to reach millions of people on Pinterest, all you need is a good strategy!

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