Why Pinterest is difficult AF

why pinterest is scary as shit

Do you have a proven funnel and all you need is more leads? Do you have offers that people are searching for and are happy with the results they get by hiring you?

In this video/post I am going to talk about why Pinterest is difficult AF

If you don’t know me, my name is Joanna and I help experts scale their offers with Pinterest. I reach over 10m people on Pinterest. I help them get laser targeted traffic to their content and offers.

So why Pinterest is difficult AF? The main reason you may think so is because you heard it from losers who don’t know how Pinterest work. They tried, failed and now they are frustrated. Whilst the truth is EVERYTHING works. Doesn’t matter if you are on IG or YouTube or your content ranks on top of Google. Everything works and there are people who are a fine exaple of that in each of those platforms/ client acquisition methods.

Most people do this stupid mistake and assume every platform works same way and they predicate what works on one platform to the other. And that rarely works. The best thing to do is hire experts from each area and have them manage your presence there. This way you maximize how many people you are reaching with your offer.

I also thought of another title for this post ” why Pinterest is complete waste of your time” and it is because the chance that you will work with an expert and implement the proper strategy is very low. 95% people do not implement. If it was the case everyone would be a millionaire with abs. So unless you hire expert who can implement for you or will coach you how to get great results, you will just waste your time.

I spoke to someone from a company where I bought a course, who told me that they know how people make decisions and what content performs better and which worse and I call it BS. Because just because you pixeled me, and you know which videos I saw, it has nothing to do with the real reason I purchased that course. I also heard their owner say that he resigned from managing IG as it wasn’t performing. In my case IG played a huge role in my decision making process. Yes IG is not a platform where you can expects lots of clicks or swipe ups. But it is a platform that helps you grow your brand awareness.

So there are 3 reasons why people won’t buy from you.

  1. They don’t trust you (fb, ig stories and lives are the best platforms to get to know a person because people act most natural on those platforms and it builds trust)
  2. They don’t trust it’s going to work for them (best way is to share client results and case studies, offer 1:1 consultation where you can tell them what type of results you are estimating for their particular scenario)
  3. They don’t see value in the offer (it’s never about the price. If you see a value and a positive ROI you will find money to invest)

So let’s get back to the main topic of this post- why Pinterest is difficult AF. It’s not about being difficult it’s about people want to see instant gratification. When you post on fb, ig, youtube, right away you can see how many people are watching, comment like. This do not exist on Pinterest. It’s a search engine, so let me show you how it works on an example.

This is one of my blogposts. You can see that the month I published it it has 5 visitors but 8 months later it had its peak and 2913 people read it. The #1 rule of making money didn’t change. To make more money you need to talk to more people. To talk to more people you need to reach bigger auience. And don’t just show your content one time. Experts are estimating that your message must reach your target 7 times before they are going to be interested in it. Just like with dating, noone gets married on the first date. You need to collect data first. People are first couples, then after a year they get engaged and then they get married (it will wary but my point is – it’s not happening on the first date).

So if you have an offer that people want to buy, make sure that it reaches a lot of people and reach them several times. That’s where the saying money is in the list came from. You offer a freebie, get the email, send your nurturing drip, talk about benefits, put the objections to bed and show case studies and client results. If you do this right than you will have a great business.

So if you are wandering how you can have 10k people see your posts instead of 100. If you want to drive targetted traffic, of people who are in the buy mode, searching for your solutions/products. And you want to have access to a free advertising space and get results fast than watch this short 12 min video.

I am walking you through my 4 step system thats showing you how I get this results for myself and my clients. It’s like I said a short no bs video. And at the end if you feel like you want to work with expert who can help you get this result, review your account, point your mistakes, give you tips or completely implement it for your brand, than there is an option to schedule a free consultation with me. But if you are looking for some magic and gimmicks, then it’s not for you. The implementation of my method takes exactly 40h. And you are set for life.

The only way to f#ck it up is to have ugly pins with lame headlines that noone see in their feed. In my course I teach you how to show up in search results, in feed of your target audience (even if they don’t follow you) and I will do my best to make sure you don’t have lame headlines and ugly pins. I will encourage you to share the headlines with me first as well as your designs so you can make the adjustments in time. There is a lot of personal support in my course.

So go to PinMeApp.com/Growth to watch that video

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. If you know of a client based expert who is looking to scale their business- feel free to forward it to them. I will see you in my next one!

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why pinterest is scary as shit
why pinterest is complete waste of your time joanna szewczyk pinmeapp

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