why pinterest stupid people better smart

Why Pinterest is brilliant for stupid people (and even better if you’re smart)

Just like on Facebook, some people spend 1h a day and get clients reaching out to them in the dms daily, buying from them daily or others spending 8h a day on Facebook, sending friend requests, cold pitching, posting all sorts of crap, not sure who they target with the message. The reality is only 3% of the accounts are managed properly, because they pay attention to detail they have a strategy in place. They position themselves properly.

Same thing on Pinterest 3% of the accounts are set up and managed properly, 97% is just crap, and Pinterest don’t want to show it to anybody. Hence they reach is low.

If you look at my posts: my stats and my clients stats you know what I am talking about. This year I was averaging 20,000 visitors per month thanks to the set up I did 2 years ago. I am completely off Pinterest when it comes to managing my account. I only come there to find information I look for- not to manage the account.

The great thing about Pinterest is that it’s not a content platform that you have to manage daily. It’s a search engine that redirects people to your content. So once you set it up correctly you can automate it and be completely hands off.

In fact with the CGMA method that I teach it’s 100% doable to have Pinterest account built from scratch in 6 weeks/spending no more than 1h per day to do the whole set up. After that you can automate it using my PinMeApp and never have to login to Pinterest or PinMeApp ever again, while getting 10,000 new visitors monthly, watching your content on all the platforms you use (more eyeballs on your old FB posts, IG, podcasts, YouTube, webinar, sales pages, blog- whatever you can think of). Pinterest is a search engine, so you set this all up once and you’re done.

No other platform can be set up in 40h. So you can either be like the 97% trying and failing and wasting your time or you can learn my method, implement it with my help and get the results I and my clients are getting.

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