Why is Pinterest better than other Social Media?

7 reasons why Pinterest is Better than other social media
  1. Mentality of user: someone searching for specific info, like ‘how to get more clients for my coaching business’ is in a mindset where they want to learn this NOW. The same person scrolling Facebook just because they are bored is not in that same mentality and may not be interested in your post at that time. 
  2. Less competition – everybody is fighting for all the other platforms and ignoring Pinterest. 
  3. ‘Set and Forget’: Create content once, keep it forever. I still get blog traffic from pins I created over a year ago. As opposed to Facebook where your best posts are gone forever a day after you’ve posted them. 
  4. Reach: I have 14k followers and reach 10 million people per month. Of those people, 35,000 visit my website. Compare to Facebook – you might get 100 views on a live video if you have 2000 friends. Then if you’re driving traffic to a website from that video, how many will go? 5? Less?
  5. Time efficiency: Comments and likes aren’t relevant (only clicks and saves): Therefore if you know how to create pins which people want to click on and save for later (which you will after I’ve shown you exactly how) – you’ll get incredible reach. That means you can spend 5 minutes a day creating pins and zero time commenting and engaging. Very time efficient compared to Facebook. 
  6. The right people see your content at the right time – this means you get way more targeted leads than from other social media. 
  7. It works brilliantly in combination with other social media – Pinterest is great for people to find you initially and get to know you. Then they follow you on your preferred platform where you can build trust and sell your offer. 

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