Why Do You Need Keywords and SEO on Pinterest?

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Let’s use an example. A user types “brownie recipe” in a search. Now, the search engine wants to show the most accurate information. Knowing that there are billions of files available to display, the search engine uses an algorithm to show you the most relevant piece of content.

Let’s imagine there are only two files available and they are called:

“brownie recipe.jpg” and “123.jpg”.

I think it’s pretty obvious which one the search engine is going to favor in this case.

Of course, there aren’t just two files, which means the algorithm needs to take a huge number of factors into account. This helps you receive the most relevant information whenever you run a search.

Search engines read code — how can you take advantage of it?

Let’s return to my first statement: search engines read the code. To take advantage of this, you need to use keywords on Pinterest. Make sure the keywords you want to rank for are present in the file name, board name, descriptions, and articles. When you pin pictures from an article to Pinterest, make sure description and alt tags contain the keywords you want to rank for.

How can you figure out what keywords to use? Just think like a client. If you wrote a post about chocolate cake, you could use “chocolate cake recipe.” Since you have more space, you should add additional variations like “brownie recipe,” “vegan chocolate cake,” “1-minute chocolate cake in a mug.”

Go to search bar and start typing “chocolate cake” to see what other keywords people are using for SEO with Pinterest. Go to private boards and look at the list of keywords. This will tell you a lot about the way people search.

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How to Find Keywords for Pinterest

Of course, this keyword is very popular. This means that the chances you can rank high for it are not very high, even if you follow all the best practices for SEO for Pinterest. You will most likely need to compete with pins that already have 500k repins. For this reason, you should use as many keyword variations as you can think of. Other users may not target such keywords for Pinterest at all. Therefore, with time, your pin may gain traction and go viral.

How to Create Viral Pins

It’s a lot of work to go and change all your file names, pin your content again to improve SEO and Pinterest accounts, boards, and descriptions. To learn more, read our post on how to create viral pins here.

When I did it to my account, I only had 30 blog posts. I locked myself in a room for a week to update everything. I saw results immediately. I also used my scheduler to pin my content across all the boards. Within the first month, I saw 420% more page views. The next month, I had 12x the traffic to my blog.

I would say that these early results were mainly thanks to PinMeApp. But after about 3-6 months, any pins that have the right keywords will appear in the search results.

My Results After I Optimized My Content and Started Using PinMeApp

But I don’t want to only show you my results.

I also offer Pinterest Management services. For instance, the first month I started working on Jackson Groves’ account, I was able to grow his Pinterest referral traffic by six times. Here is how his Pinterest account grew.

seo on pinterest pinmeapp jackson groves

With a big blog like Jackson’s, I clearly wasn’t able to update all his content in one week or even one month: he has around 600 blog posts. (Btw, you should definitely check them out — I promise you’ll find them so inspiring, you’ll want to start planning your next vacation right away:)

In the first month, I only updated 10% of his content for SEO on Pinterest. And the results are mind-blowing.

If you want results like this, hire me as your Pinterest Manager.

Or I can teach you, step by step, everything I do to get these results on my own account and my clients’ accounts. Click here to find out more.

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Thanks for reading and watching! As always, let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you. And if you found this slightly helpful, I’d appreciate if you could help me share with more people. Cheers!

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