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Entrepreneurs Who Worked With Me On These Exact Tactics


My student – Anna. She joined my course in Jan 2020. Never had a Pinterest account before. As you can see on the screenshoots below she drives lots of traffic to her FB page now. Some of her Pins went viral bringing her 900+ visitors in just 1 day. And that happened within 2 weeks after she set up the account.

She used to do direct outreach on Facebook, now clients come directly to her asking about her high ticket program. How exciting!

Instead of having 100 people see her content on Facebook and needing to create it couple times per week, now she has 100k people see her content on Pinterest and over 5.6k were triggered to click the pin and find out more. 

She gets new followers and friend requests from prospects every day.

anna reyes testimonial pinmeapp
anna reyes results-2

Another client, Travel Blogger- Jackson, increased his traffic by 684% in the first month. I managed to grow his account from reaching only 70k people per month to reaching over 1M people. The more people know about his blog posts, the more click on a pin to read them. 

It’s all about proper set up and automation. Now his account gets 15x the traffic and there is zero time spend to achieve that.

If you are stuck on 1k visitors and want to get to 10k or more than you need a proper set up and automation.

Here is how his first month looked like.


Another client,  Immigration Lawyer – Jacob, increased his YouTube engagement and shows up on top of search results for keywords – “immigration lawyer” and “E2 Visa”.

Jacob is getting lots of leads thanks to the trust he build with his huge online presence. And Pinterest helps him grow even faster. It’s a blue ocean in his niche and no competiton!

immigration lawyer
e2 visa

Another client,  Travel Hacker, affiliate marketer and blogger- Goffe, increased his website traffic and has his content on top of search results on Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the main drivers of his blog traffic.

If you want to know how to fly for $100 business class- than make sure to follow his advice. He travelled to over 80 countries and teaches others how to do that on a budget but in business class and in 4 and 5 star hotels.

goffe miles points results

Another client,  jewelry e-com store owner – Eric, doubled his traffic to the store within 1st week of setting up the Pinterest account.

The store had a Pinterest account but it wasn’t managed for the past 3 years. Most of the pins were leading to broken links which couldn’t generate any sales.

Eric got my course and I worked directly with his employee – Cee to set up the account in the proper way. In April Cee started adding new pins and the traffic 8x within short 4 days.

Having a Pinterest account set up properly gives you an edge over your competion as you get completely free warm traffic (people see your product and it’s price on Pinterest and click so they can buy). After that you can also retarget them with your FB ads. Retargeting ads are way more profitable then ads served to a cold audience hence Pinterest is a great place to be as people find your products exactly when they need it.

shineon pinterest
shineon pinterest
shineon pinterest eric toz

Another client,  Personal Finance expert- Chane, increased his Pinterest reach very fast.

Another client,  High Performance Coach- Fitzgerald grew his Pinterest account in a record speed (starting from zero). This is how his account looked after 2 weeks since starting my course. 

I see lots of people managing their Pinterest accounts daily or having VAs do it and after years can’t see any results. At the same time my clients get them in short few weeks.

Another client, therapist- Sarah raving about my course and personal support. I am currently working with her VA to set up her account.

Another client,  Wedding Photographer – James took my course in a peek season and even though he couldn’t get to implementing, his early efforts still pay off and people find his profile on Pinterest with ease.

Can’t wait to see his account fully set up as his niche is huge on Pinterest and with a proper set up he will beat all the competition with ease.

james hirata pinmeapp
james hirata

Another client, Digital Marketing Expert- Richard, talks about why he decided to take my course, what he thinks about it and tells you if it’s worth recommending- watch his testimonial.

Another client,  Retirement Planning Expert – Paul, gives his feedback about working with me.

Another client, e-com store owner – Lyndon, gives his feedback about the course

Another client, e-com store owner and Shopify expert- Alex, gives his feedback about the course. Below results he got within 1 week in the course – starting an account from scratch.

alex urban pinmeapp
justin woll pinterest
emmon khan love pinterest
alex urban-2

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