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Do you want more traffic to your existing sales process? Do you already have a proven funnel, but you just need more traffic? When was the last time you added a new traffic source to your sales process? How would your life/business change if you got 10,000 inbound prospects flowing into your sales process every single month? Did you know that TRAFFIC is the #1 thing people struggle with?

In this post I’m going to show you how to scale your income predictability every-month, (make more each and every month – no more rollercoaster thanks to consistent traffic growth).

If you don’t know me, my name is Joanna and my clients come to me to scale their business. They have offers that convert already and they want to get more eyeballs on their content. And I happen to be an expert on generating leads from Pinterest. I reach over 10m people on Pinterest and my site is visited by 20k people per month on average. And I don’t spend a minute on managing my Pinterest account- it’s all set up and automated.

So, you want to scale, want to diversify where clients are coming from, be independent if for example fb account gets blocked or youtube or whatever. You want to ensure that you still can send traffic to website and all those channels that generate you leads and money.

When everything is going well in your business, that’s the best time to think about expansion. You already built trust, you have a system where leads go in and money go out. So the next stage is to make sure to have more leads coming. And unlike social media trashy organic reach, Pinterest offers huge reach when you know how to manage your account properly.

In my case when I had just about 200 followers I was reaching 1M people and 10k were visiting my site. Compare it to any channel and you will see that you can’t find anything like that anywhere else. With 3k friends on FB I get 100 views on my videos and max 10 clicks to my site. Building a 3k following on FB took way longer than 200 on Pinterest. And having 10 people vs 10k people on my site is a huge difference.

So if you want to scale Pinterest is the place to go. My client Jacob has a great business. He is an immigration lawyer and he creates loads of useful content for all his social media channels: YouTube, IG, TikTok ect. YouTube videos generate him around 10 leads per day. With a high ticket offer $5k+ each lead is worth a lot of money. But unlike other lawyers in his area, instead of spending tons of money on ads he decided to grow his brand online for free. And the work he once put to create content generates clients every single day. So when he hired me to manage his Pinterest account we decided to drive traffic to his YouTube channel.

So if you don’t know how Pinterest works- this is a short explanation. Pinterest is a search engine. People come there because they need answers, solutions, help ect. Yes, most of them look for a soup recipe, but in the 300m group there are also people with legal needs. And to be honest- with every possible need. So you can create pins that redirects people to content you have on other platforms (can be your landing page, blog, youtube video, IG post or fb post). No other search engine enables you to promote your fb or IG content. Pinterest does.

So within 2 weeks of me setting up Jacob’s Pinterest account he was ranking on top of Pinterest search results for keywords like “immigration lawyer” or “e2 visa”. His YouTube engagement went up and he gets more views, subscribers and clients this way.

So if you want to know exactly what I did to make this happen, you should go watch this short 12min video where I laid out my whole system- that no one else shares. And besides me and my clients no one else is using it. Go to PinMeApp.com/Growth

I laid out the method right there that you can use to get attention of your target audience from Pinterest. Visit PinMeApp.com/Growth. From there you have the opportunity to schedule strategy session with me. We get on a call where I review your specific niche and tell you what I would do if i were in your situation. Than if it sound like I can help you get the right traffic I would like to invite you to become a part of my inner circle or we will do a complete done for you to set this up.

You’ve already built the pipes of your business, now you need to fill the pipes quality TRAFFIC!

What are your thoughts? Let me know in a comment! Would like to hear what’s on your mind.

If you want to know my secret souce how to get very laser targetted traffic to your funnel – visit PinMeApp.com/Growth

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post/video as much as I’ve enjoyed making it for ya. If you know an independent client-based business owner who wants more clients, feel free to share it with him/her. See you in the next one. Until then, keep up the good work!

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