Discover how to create an irresistible high ticket offer and get free unlimited targeted traffic Every Month

In an intimate, luxurious Tulum escape - over 3 days in April...

Two of the world’s leading organic marketing experts:
Joanna Szewczyk and Richard Fletcher
SHOW YOU exactly how.

If you are a coach who gets incredible results for your clients,

If you know you should be enrolling a lot more people into your high ticket coaching program then you are

If you’d like to sign up more ideal clients that you ever thought its possible without having to send endless annoying dm’s or writing 50 fb posts per day, or any of that nonsense.

Then this is (1)
If you’re a coach who gets incredible results for your clients…

If you know you should be enrolling a lot more people into your high ticket coaching program then you are…

If you’d like your calendar booked full of ideal clients – to the point where you have a waiting list…

(Without having to send endless annoying dm’s or writing 50 Facebook posts per day, or any other tedious nonsense…)

You see…

…although you might have invested in many online courses before, there is a reason why you haven’t got results. Not because you don’t know marketing. You probably know how to create offers and how to sell, yet you’re not quite getting the results right now.

Why is that


It’s because no one ever set down and shown you how it works for YOUR business…

…that’s the same problem with the hight ticket group online coaching offers that don’t really help you, cause it’s all high level.

…and it’s the same problem with every other retreat or in person seminar.

You sat in a room…

…with 3000 other people, watching a speaker and taking notes and at the end of the day when you go home and you got all “workshop high” and got so excited, you sit down next Monday to do the work and you are like

“What do I do now??”

Or you know what to do, then you do it and think to yourself:

“Did I do it right?”

…and this is where people fall down

You think you are doing it right
You hope you are doing it right, but the reality is that you don’t.

Because the gap between high level theory of what you should be doing and actually applying it to your specific business.

And this is why

…we created a luxury retreat for limited people.

We are not allowing more than 10 people to attend this event so once its sold out, its sold out!

The reason for that is the following:

3 days where you get specific advice, specific plans on how to grow your business in the workshop format and we actually do it at the event, while you set there with your laptop making notes and consuming information and doing it there on the spot, and we will be there to help you in person

Pinterest Expert

Joanna Szewczyk

Joanna helps experts, infuencers and ecommerce store owners get free targeted traffic from Pinterest.
Within 6 weeks of using her unique CGMA method You will be in a position where Pinterest is sending you additional 10,000 visitors to your existing content. Without having to do anything to make it happen. Joanna reaches 10M people on Pinterest without big following. Reach people who are searching for your solution at this moment

Business Coach

Richard Fletcher

Richard is Business Coach. He’ll help you craft irresistable offer, help you with copywriting and with conversions.
His course Ecosystem helps you craft the right offer to reach your ideal audience. You will be able to convert on messengare, email and on sakes call. Your sales conversions will increase.
It’s not Do It Yourself – you’re getting 1:1 support. It’s 100% tailored to your needs and you are able to get individual advice to get exactly what you need.
DAY #1
Richard will show you how to craft your irresistible offer, so that no matter how busy your marketplace, no matter how many times people been burned before and bought similar offers and now never want to buy again, you can create an offer that attracts them, makes them trust you and make them want to buy from you because if you don't have a right offer ...
Your offer is the foundation on which your entire business is built on, if you don't have a right offer, no matter how great your content is, no matter how great your skills are, no matter how many people it reaches, you are always gonna struggle we are going to be doing it as a hot seat Richard will first take you through how it works, then you are gonna sit and create an offer and then he is going to sit 1:1 with you and tell you what your offer really is going to be so you literally know exactly what your offer is going to be by the end of day 1
DAY #2
is going to be creating your free traffic source.
Pinterest, just like Google is a search engine and people are looking exactly for what you sell, my client Jacob, Anna- and you can do the same It takes 6 weeks to set up the account, but Joanna is going to show you how to set it up on this day so you are going to know exactly what to do from here, and 6 weeks later you are going to have people going to your irresistible offer. Do you think few people are going to book calls, gonna be interested. Or if you have social platforms, like IG, YouTube, Facebook we can send them as well and grow your social media at the same time as getting people to your offers
DAY #3
once we got this set up you are going to know how to convert all this traffic that is now coming, all this people who are now coming in and asking you," tell me how does this work" you are going to know how to filter out those who aren't going to be right for you, so you don't waste time on them and then how to convert those who are right and if you are selling a $5k product- you don't need a lot of this to have a great business so even if you convert 1 of this each week- out of the 10k seeing your offer, you are going to bring additional $20k a month or $250k a year - without breaking sweat

That’s what we are going to be doing, and again we are going to be doing it in a workshop format where we actually sit and go 1:1 with you:

And you are going to leave this knowing exactly how to have a sales conversation that sells and how to send people to your offer.

It’s not a high level fluff, you got something for your business and you are going to leave this with so much great stuff and you are going to be in a position where 6 weeks from now you are going to have all this traffic flooding in and converting to your offers.

Obviously if you already got people and already got sales calls, you’ll be signing people straight away, but if not, then it will take a couple of weeks to get them from Pinterest. But either way, you’ll have an incredible business


…if you were to sign up to Richard’s offer- where he teaches how to set up an offer, how to create fb posts and how to convert it would cost you $6500

Joanna’s offer, where she teaches all this stuff on Pinterest is $7000

but if you sign up for this event- you are getting both of this for $7000. So you are effectively getting $13 500 worth of content for $7000

with awesome value and continued support. Not only that 3 day event but also 3 months of support after that so you can set up all your stuff and have daily access to Richard and Joanna afterwards.

You will get feedback so you are not left on your own. What other events are doing this?

However don't forget it's only for 15 people - first come first served, if you miss the boat tough shit!

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You can spend lots of time on variuos "activities" -
posting 10x a day on social media ect but this is the busy work,
thats not the work that generates clients -
we focus on the 3 main client generating activites,
once you have those 3 under control your biz will grow.