Create Your Own Irresistible High Ticket Offer and Get 10,000 Targeted Potential Customers Every Month

In an intimate, luxurious Tulum escape - over 3 days in April...

Two of the world’s leading organic marketing experts:
Joanna Szewczyk and Richard Fletcher
SHOW YOU exactly how.

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If you’re a coach who gets incredible results for your clients… 

If you know that a lot more people should be enrolling into your high ticket coaching program…

If you’d like your calendar booked full of ideal clients – to the point where you have a waiting list…

(without having to send endless annoying DMs or writing 50 Facebook posts per day, or any other tedious nonsense…)

Then this may be the thing that finally 
explodes your business.

I’ll explain more in just a moment, but first…

have you ever wondered why you’ve invested so much money in coaching, yet your business still isn’t where you want it to be?

There’s actually a very good reason for this…

There’s a Reason All That Money You’ve Invested In Coaching Hasn’t Yet Paid Off…

So What’s The Reason Then?

The reason your standard group coaching program doesn’t work is the same reason your standard marketing seminar doesn’t work. 

You pay a fortune to fly to some conference to sit in a room with 3000 other people, watching a speaker and taking notes. 

You get a ton of seemingly great info – and you go home full of excitement with a “workshop high”. On Monday morning you sit down to implement what you learned and you’re like…

….”What do I do now?”

Even if you do know what to do, you still have no idea if you’re doing it right. 

And This Is Where 
Even The Smartest People Fall Down...

Let me ask you – has an expert ever sat down and told you the following…

For almost everyone, the answer here is a big, fat, emphatic NO.

Sure, you’ve seen tons of theory about what the ‘perfect offer’ should look like. And how to sell on a sales call. And how to write copy. And how to…blah blah blah whatever. 

But the problem comes when you have to take that generic, high level advice and make it specific to YOUR business. Your unique personality and set of skills. 

Do you really need yet another overhyped course where you follow hours and hours of boring training videos and get lousy support in some so-called exclusive Facebook group?

Are you willing to spend tens of thousands of your hard earned money, only to get on Q&A calls where you ask a question and the coach says ‘ermmm….so what’s your offer again?’

Or is it time for you to say ‘enough is enough’ – and only invest your money in people who take the time to understand you, your unique personality, the gifts you have to offer the world and show you exactly how to make a business from that?

Join Us In TULUM And Get ALL THIS In 
Only One Weekend

Ultimately I believe every business owner reaches the point where the only thing they need is to have a proven expert SHOW THEM – step by step….

‘This is EXACTLY what you need to do for your business.’

And not just say ‘ok you need to create an offer’, but to actually tell you what your offer should be. Help you write the copy. Help you get traffic. Help you with sales conversations. As opposed to simply offering…

…worthless generic advice!

And this is why we’ve created a luxury retreat for business owners who want all of this – fast!. 

Due to the ridiculous level of personal care, love and attention we’re giving these select few business owners, we’re not allowing more than 15 people to attend this event. So once it’s sold out, it’s sold out!

By the end of this workshop, you’ll leave with the following:

FYI – Richard is currently converting his high ticket offer at 83% – without using any ‘fast action discounts’ or any other sleazy nonsense. He’ll be revealing all his secrets – and why much of what he does is the exact opposite of what everyone else is teaching. 

This event will be in a workshop format. You’ll sit with your laptop and we’ll create your offer together. We’ll create your Pinterest account together. And we’ll have sales conversations together. 

So unlike other events, where you go home with pages of frantically scribbled notes, but nothing implemented…

…here, everything is set up by the time you leave!

Speaking of Richard and Joanna, you’re probably wondering who we are….

Pinterest Expert

Joanna Szewczyk

Joanna helps experts, influencers and ecommerce store owners get free targeted traffic (a minimum of 10,000 visitors per month) from Pinterest.

Her unique CGMA method shows you exactly how to do this. It takes 6 weeks to prime your account fully to make this happen – but after that, the traffic you get is 100% on autopilot. You literally never have to login to Pinterest ever again, if you don’t want to!

Joanna reaches 10M people on Pinterest every month using this method.

No matter what your niche is, people are searching for what you do on Pinterest. Most of them are not getting what they are looking for right now – meaning there is a whole ‘blue ocean’ of opportunity waiting for you…

…if you jump on it now.

Business Coach

Richard Fletcher

Richard is an online business coach who specialises not only in showing business owners in crowded marketplaces how to create an irresistible offer that stands out from everyone else…

…but also showing you exactly how to convert your specific offer!

(After all, it’s no good getting a ton of leads coming in if you lose most of them in your sales conversations)

Richard has helped dozens of fellow online business business owners in all kinds of weird and obscure niches to get to the mythical $20k/month mark – without spending any money on ads.

He’ll show you how to do the same!

So How Exactly Does This Retreat Work?

Great question.

We’ll be in a luxury villa in Tulum on April 3-5.

Here’s the full breakdown, day by day…

Day 1 - Your Irresistible Offer

Richard will sit with you 1-1 and craft your irresistible offer. Usually a 10-20 minute conversation is enough for him to figure out ‘alright – this is what your offer should be’.

For example, just one session with wedding photographer James allowed him to increase his prices for $1,500 per day to $15,000 per day:

Richard has done this dozens of times before and not once has he been unable to come up with an offer that his client was happy with and more importantly – that people wanted to buy!

At the end of today, you’ll find yourself full of excitement as you finally understand what it is you do, just like life coach Sam:

And of course, you’ll not only know what you do – you’ll have it neatly packaged up into a mouth-wateringly attractive high ticket offer that your ideal clients will be foaming at the mouths to buy. 

Another client,  Immigration Lawyer – Jacob, increased his YouTube engagement and shows up on top of search results for keywords – “immigration lawyer” and “E2 Visa”.

Day 2 - Your Pinterest Organic Traffic Generation Machine

Now you have an irresistible offer, targeted potential clients need to see it!

Just like Google, Pinterest is a search engine. Right now, your ideal clients are looking exactly for what you sell. If you can get your ideal offer in front of them…

…how many of those people do you think will book a sales call with you? How many of them will convert?

Joanna will show you how to set up a Pinterest account from scratch so it sends at least 10,000 targeted visitors per month to your offer. 

Even if you only convert 1 per week at a $5k price point, that’s a nice easy $20,000 per month without breaking sweat. 

For example travel blogger – Jackson has 10x his traffic over one month and reached over 1M people.

Here is how his first month looked like.


Another client,  Immigration Lawyer – Jacob, increased his YouTube engagement and shows up on top of search results for keywords – “immigration lawyer” and “E2 Visa”.

immigration lawyer
e2 visa

Joanna has helped numerous business owners in various niches to do this and will show you how to do the same. Her unique CGMA method takes 6 weeks to set up. You’ll create your account and Joanna will show you how to do everything you need from here. 

The remainder of the 6 weeks is around 20 minutes per day of growing your account – easy work that you can outsource to a VA if you like. 

Oh – and this method has the side-benefit of growing your social channels for you too – Facebook, Insta, Youtube etc. 

Day 3 - High Ticket Conversion Mastery

You’ve now got your high ticket offer. 

You’ve now got 10,000 people a month seeing your offer and a percentage of them booking sales calls. 

You’ve now got a machine which sends you targeted leads every single month. You’re already way ahead of the majority of online marketers – yay!

However – if you’re not able to convert these people in 1-1 conversations, it’s all a waste of time. If you’re letting ideal clients slip through your fingers because you say the wrong thing…

how many thousands of dollars every month are you losing?

Through endless trial and error, Richard has developed a non-sleazy- super easy method of sales calls. He’ll teach it to you in about half an hour, then you’ll spend the day practicing…

…until you’re a sales ninja, just like PR ‘done for you’ wizard Luana! Luana thought she was good at sales already. She’d spent a fortune on business coaching and already knew all the theory. 

Yet she explains in this video how Richard – in only 2 mock sales calls – helped her 4x her conversion rate:

Career coach Dalia was similar. Richard first created her irresistible offer for her, then showed her how to convert. She made $20k inside a few week:

As long as you follow the simple process, you’ll get similar results.

“This All Looks Great, But This Retreat Thingy Doesn’t Sound Cheap!”

You’re absolutely right, it’s not cheap.

After all, we’re essentially creating a business for you. We’re giving you the high ticket offer. Showing you how to set up a Pinterest account which sends endless traffic. 

Then showing you how to convert. 

I’ve seen courses which show only ONE of those things selling for $10k+. 

Richard’s Ecosystem course where he shows you how to create your offer, promote it organically on Facebook and convert – that’ll set you back $6,500.

Joanna’s Pinterest program is a further $7,000. 

That’s $13,500 for both programs. Yet you’re effectively getting both of these programs – AT THE SAME TIME – for only $7,000. 

It’s not just the weekend but we will be working with you for the next 3 months.

Plus our invaluable in-person support in Tulum


There’s An Early Bird Option - If You Act Fast

We’re limiting this to 15 people only. 

That’s because, in order to give you the incredible results you want,  we need time to get to know you and understand your business. And we can’t do that if we have a hundred people in the room.  So…
  • First 2 people get in at $5k. 
  • Next 2 get in at $5.5k.
  • Next 2 get in at $6k. 
  • Next 2 get in at $6.5k. 
  • And the final 7 will have to pay the full price of $7k. 
The choice is yours, but the longer you leave it, the more you pay.  We may do another retreat again in the future, but there’s no guarantees. 

How to Apply

  • Access to the retreat is strictly invitation only.

    We want to make sure we can help you - and of course that we like you and your business (because who wants to spend a long weekend with people they don’t like?)

    Click the button below and you’ll be taken to a Messenger bot which will ask you a few questions about you and your business. 

    When you’re done, Joanna or Richard will reply and have a further chat with you (usually within 24 hours). 

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