Protect Yourself Before Something Happens

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Protect yourself before something happens. This are things people don’t really think about until they happen.

Keeping all your eggs in one basket is kind of scary, yet many entrepreneurs don’t protect themselves before something happens.

You are probably thinking, it’s not me, I have everything under control, I have my FB group where I post daily I nurture those people and they buy from me. That’s awesome. But you have no saying if nothing won’t change or one day for no reason you will be banned from Fb.

So what most people do- they grab your email when you sign up to their FB group, so in case something happens, they have a way to reach you. That’s way better than relying just on FB.

Other thing, maybe you just post on your timeline, don’t have a group, the same thing can happen. You build your brand and suddenly it’s gone and you need to start from scratch on another platform.

Or you run FB ads to your sales pages, case studies, webinars, email sign ups. Once fb bans your account, you lose your only source of income. If Google drops you in ranking or cost of ads tripple- you are in trouble.

If Facebook realizes that you make money off of it by promoting yourself on your personal profile they can kick you out, so where are you going to go next?- LinkedIn? YouTube?

You built a massive brand on Facebook – so you need to protect yourself, hopefully you won’t get kicked out of Facebook, but you never want to be in a position to have 1 source of leads.

This are things people don’t really think about until they happen

So this message is not for someone who just started and is still building their brand. I am talking about people with an established brand already. What are you waiting for? Why are you not getting any insurance. When there is nothing to be stolen you don’t need insurance. But once there is, it’s wise to protect yourself.

You don’t want to get clients off of 1 platform only.

Make sure that the content you created won’t disappear

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