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There are a lot of Pinterest myths published daily. Some are ridiculously stupid, whereas others may seem valid. I do not call myself a Pinterest guru and I have no insider knowledge, but I do know that common sense, practice, and simple fact checking can help us all understand Pinterest better. I want to show you the top four myths I run into while carrying out Pinterest management tasks for my clients.

1. You Should Pin X Times a Day

It doesn’t matter how many times a day you pin. What matters is that you pin to all your boards.

You need to treat each of your boards as a separate feed. Each of these feeds has its own set of followers. If you don’t post at least once a day to each of your boards, your followers will not see any of your pins. They will, on the other hand, see pins from your competition.

Depending on the board, you will probably pin between one and three times a day. Just make sure to avoid spamming group boards, such as posting one of your pins soon after another.

Some boards will gain five new pins a day, some 1,000. There’s no golden rule how many times you should pin.

If you have less than 30 different pins for a board, consider pinning manually rather than using Pinterest management tools like a scheduler.

Why 30? Because if you set up a scheduler to pin once per day to the board, the scheduler will start repeating pins after less than a month. You don’t want to be pinning the same thing over and over.

Just like you would be annoyed seeing the same pin multiple times, your followers will get annoyed too — so don’t do it.

It’s not too hard, nor too expensive, to have a wide variety of quite different pins. Find out more about choosing the right pins in this post:

General group boards, like “best pins on Pinterest,” are perfect for using Pinterest management software like a scheduler. But let’s say you are a travel blogger and are in a group board called “all things ocean.” If you don’t have a board that is ocean specific, pinning manually is the only option.

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2. You Can Only Pin 100K Pins on Pinterest

That is a bullshit — there are accounts that have 500K pins on Pinterest. I don’t even understand why people make false statements like this. Pinterest is a search engine. There are no limits. Don’t delete your pins; there’s never any need.

3. You Shouldn’t Repin Other People’s Content, Just Pin Yours

This is not how Pinterest works. It’s not a free advertising space. Well, it can be, but you shouldn’t use it this way. If you do, you will be banned and your account will be removed. This can happen to anyone. I even heard that a popular blogger who runs several blogs had this happen to one of his Pinterest accounts. You definitely don’t want to lose an account you put so much work into. To prevent it, pin your own content as well as other people’s content.

The way I do it is to schedule my personal pins in in my Pinterest scheduler, but every couple of days I go to all the group boards and repin the best content I am able to find. I don’t treat this content, or the creators, as competition — and you shouldn’t either. The world is too big to get hung up on such things.

4. “I Have 6M People Reading My Blog”

And I am not saying that such statements are always false — there are sites that do receive that much traffic — but when I see pins on Pinterest with this message, they are usually from “young” bloggers who are just starting out in their blogging journey.

Besides, Pinterest reach and the amount of people who land on your website are two very different numbers.

What is Pinterest Reach?

Pinterest reach tells you how many people are able to see your pins. This is an important statistic — and the bigger the number, the better. Many people say that you should not consider this metric at all, but I don’t agree. You should monitor reach and you should be interested in seeing the number grow.

Why? Because the more who people see your content, the greater the chance they will either click on your pins and go to your website or save your pins to their board and grow your reach even further.

Many times, I see my pins doing way better on others people’s boards than my own, as their audience is more interested in the content than mine is.

Pinterest reach is calculated by the number of people who see your pins. When you open Pinterest, the first thing you see is your feed. You did not pick what you see, so you may or may not be interested in the content.

Whether you’re interested or not, the fact that a pin appears means that it receives an impression. Pinterest reach is the sum of your pin impressions in a month. This number will always be higher than clicks and saves.

To see the clicks and saves you have, go to Pinterest–> Analytics–> Website.

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There is another metric called “engagement.” This is the sum of all clicks and saves.

If you know how to manage your Pinterest account, you will see that your reach is bigger than your number of followers. If you don’t know how to manage your Pinterest account, you may experience the opposite scenario. I have seen accounts with 500K followers and 200K reach.

Who Understands How Pinterest Works? How to Get the Maximum Reach–Followers Ratio

Pinterest is not IG, FB, or YT. Pinterest has its own rules. The easiest way to spot who understands how Pinterest works is to look at the ratio of followers to reach.

Mine is one to more than 1000 (e.g. 4K followers and 5.6M reach). The best accounts on Pinterest, besides mine, have a ratio of around 1:600. I still see people who have been on Pinterest for years and their ratio is 1:25 (e.g. 100K followers to 2.5M reach), or sometimes even less. And although they may be getting 200K or 300K in monthly referral traffic, they still have plenty of room for improvement.

Receiving 2M page views instead of 200K is a big difference when you are monetizing your site.

How Does Pinterest Reach Relate to Website Page Views?

A certain reach doesn’t automatically lead to a particular number of page views. Some accounts with 2M reach may receive 20K page views, whereas others may gain as many as 200K page views. It all depends on whether the people who see your pins engage with them.

And that is why you should be focused on your niche and work to gain followers who engage with your content. If you mass follow and gain just random followers, your ratio can be 20K to 2M, or even worse. But if you strategize to gain only followers who are genuinely interested in your content, it can be closer to 200K to 2M.

If you want to grow your reach, your best option is Pinterest management services. I offer both Pinterest time management and Pinterest project management services. Get in touch for more information.

Thanks for reading! As always, let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you. And if you found this slightly helpful, I’d appreciate if you could help me share with more people. Cheers!

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pinterest myths pinmeapp pinterest tips pinterest scheduler pinterest automation pinterest manager

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