Pinterest Mistakes | This is a pinterest for beginners guide about the most common mistakes new pinterest users make. I'm sharing these blogging mistakes and offering blogging tips to help you build a profitable pinterest account faster. Here are the 20 stupid pinterest mistakes #bloggingforbeginners #bloggingtips #mistakes #pinterestmistakes #pinterest #pinteresttips #pinterestmarketing

Pinterest Mistakes

20 stupid mistakes people are making on Pinterest

  1. Only share their own content
  2. Share their content when they have no followers
  3. Follow everyone (or use aps to do it for them faster)
  4. Inconsistency, post on Pinterest whenever they feel like it
  5. Ugly pins with no call to action, wrong pin size
  6. Lack of keywords and SEO
  7. Don’t know who your audience is and who to target
  8. Buying courses and not implementing, for at least 90 days consistently
  9. Not investing in your business
  10. Don’t solve any problems
  11. Not doing research
  12. Not having a plan
  13. Not learning the platform. Making stupid assumptions and believe in bs advice from people with no results or completely different situation
  14.  Mixing business and personal
  15. Pinning everything at once
  16. Not taking action
  17. Not posting on topic
  18. Not including pictures in posts
  19. Not including pins in posts
  20. not adding your url and logo

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