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I helped Jackson Groves reach 1M viewers on Pinterest in record time (less than a month) 

How to Build Your Presence on Pinterest 
Jackson Groves of JourneyEra.com is one of the best-known travel bloggers 
in the world. His expert content receives 450,000 monthly page views from 
organic traffic originating from Google.
However, when I started working with Jackson, he was only reaching 68,000 people on Pinterest. Now, that number is up to 1 million. His Pinterest referral traffic grew by 684%. 
I helped him reach this numbers in record time — less than a month. 

How to Be Successful on Pinterest

You just need one pin to go viral and you could receive 80,000 page views in a single day. With 250 million monthly users on the platform carrying out 2 billion searches a month, that’s not as difficult as it may sound. In fact, all you need is the right game plan. It starts with getting noticed.
How to Get Noticed on Pinterest
How can you get noticed if you only have a few followers? The answer: exposure. Pinterest Management from PinMeApp will set you on the right path to gain exposure just with your target audience.
We will reach your target audience and the clickthrough rate to your site will increase. With our help you will get thousands of people coming to your website.
How to Get Followers on Pinterest
Once your account has started gaining traction, you’ll naturally begin to accumulate more followers. To keep this trend going, all you need to do is continue creating content that your followers love and pin it at the right time.
PinMeApp can help with this, too — with its automatic pin scheduling.
Pinterest Management from PinMeApp – who is it for
  •  You are a Business Owner and want more clients
  •  You want to have your brand noticed: more eyes seeing your brand and knowing your offer, the more potential clients/ followers/ subscribers you can get
  •  You want to brand your offer across Pinterest and get best possible results
  •  You want to grow your other social media accounts: drive traffic to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram ect from Pinterest
  •  You are already on Pinterest, but not seeing results
  •  You are not yet on Pinterest but want additional source of traffic
Pinterest Management is the best choice if you want to build a brand on Pinterest and attract potential customers. It can work in many niches.
With our support, your business can grow like JourneyEra.com.