Drive 10k+ unique targeted visitors to your blog and social media channels for free every single month using Pinterest

Learn how to set up you Pinteres account and get FREE TRAFFIC to your site and social media channels.
Within 6 weeks of using my unique CGMA method you will be in a position where Pinteres is sending you additional 10,000 visitors to your existing account.
Without having to do anything to make it happen!

If you want to know how to do that, there are 3 things you need to know regardless if you sign up with me or not.

It's my method.

How It Works

  • Create

    This is all about The Magnetic Profile. Your profile will draw targeted prospects who beg you to accept their cash!

  • Grow

    Now you have your Magnetic Profile, your audience needs to see it. You'll use my sneaky Exponential Follower Technique to get not only a ton of new followers, but the RIGHT followers (ie prospects who want to buy!)

  • Manage

    Using my Strategic Pin Method, you'll put tantalizing, exciting content out to your new audience. Because this is the right audience, they will click through to your landing page/blog/Insta/Youtube/insert social media channel of your choice.

  • Automate

    Once you've created enough content (usually takes 1-4 weeks), we now automate the repining of this content using my PinMeApp (don't worry if you don't know what all these terms mean yet). Basically this means you need to spend ZERO time managing your account from now on.

And That's It!​

That's how I got to

Jackson Groves

Within 1 month we were able to grow Jackson’s Pinterest account from 1k to 7k blog visitors, referred through Pinterest. His Pinterest account grew from reaching 70k people to reaching 1M people.

Chane Steiner

Within 2 weeks Chane’s reach grew by 1k new monthly viewers every day in the first month (additional 30k viewers in 1st month)

Jacob Sapochnick

Within 2 weeks Jacob’s reach grew from 20 people per day to 800 people per day. Bigger engagement on YouTube channel. Ranks no 1 for immigration lawyer and E2 visa on Pinterest.

Imagine how much more revenue would you bring if you had
1M people 
seeing your brand each month
(without paying for those impressions)

My Story…

is kind of weird, I sort of stumbled on Pinterest completely by accident. One day I was reading Forbes and read an article …

  • Saw girl making $100k/mth from her blog...WTF!

  • Thought how can I do this

  • Created a blog, got no traffic - how can I get traffic?

  • Tried to rank on Google, no luck.

  • Heard about people getting traffic from Pinterest, so gave it a try.

  • Bought some ebooks, tried the methods of the 'gurus", but it didn't make any sense and didn't work.

  • So I thought 'what the hell' and just experimented with a few of my own methods. And totally by accident, I stumbled over what is now my CGMA system. And guess what - it was the exact OPPOSITE of what the gurus told me!

  • Within the first month I had a 420% increase in traffic. Then month 2, a further 1200%. And my traffic has grown ever since. Now, without any additional effort, I get 30,000 unique visitors to my blog PER MONTH as a result of proper Pinterest set up and automat. This is work I did 2 years ago that took me 1 week to complete. And those visitors are highly targeted.

  • At this time I created my PinMeApp - a Pinterest automation tool which allowed me to reduce my daily time spent on Pinterest from 2 hours to zero. Literally zero minutes. My app automatically repurposes the content I created 2 years ago, so people keep seeing it today.

  • From here, I realized I could help a LOT of people not only increase the traffic to their blogs, sales pages and other content - but also automate that process. I first helped blogger- Jackson go from 1k to 7k page views in 1 month. Then  Jacob- immigration lawyer went from 20 to 800 daily impressions. I went from 700- 10k in 3 months. Today, I help people all over the world get highly targeted traffic from Pinterest.

Who is this program designed for?

  • You want to diversify where your traffic is coming from

  • You want to be known as a leading expert in your area

  • You command top-dollar for your premium services

  • And you understand the value of investing in your business and building an asset that will return ‘dividends’ for years to come!

Want me to help you to get 10,000 visitors?

  • Set up a call
    I want to ensure all my students get the results so I must review what you have to tell you if that will work for you

  • I can't let you sign up before i speak to you first.
    I need to make sure you are the right kind of person for the course, you will get result and I will enjoy working with you so we need to have a free chat first. Click here so we can set it up

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