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Pinterest Facts

[circle_progress fill=75 size='medium' color='#EC58CA']300M[/circle_progress]

Active Users Are On The Pinterest Platform.

[circle_progress fill=15 size='medium' color='#EC58CA']2M[/circle_progress]

People Save Product Pins Everyday.

[circle_progress fill=40 size='medium' color='#EC58CA']40%[/circle_progress]

Of Pinterest Users Make Over $100K.

[circle_progress fill=93 size='medium' color='#EC58CA']93%[/circle_progress]

Use Pinterest to Plan Purchases.

[circle_progress fill=70 size='medium' color='#EC58CA']70%[/circle_progress]

Of Users Search, Save, and Click.

[circle_progress fill=99 size='medium' color='#EC58CA']99%[/circle_progress]

Of Businesses Close Their Doors When They Can’t Drive Traffic.

If you keep continuing to do what you are currently doing, absolutely nothing will change.


  • People are searching for the answer to their problem, not for you.

  • Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media website.

  • Amount of followers you have is irrelevant, and it's more important to implement and follow the Pinterest system over obsessing about how many follows you have. Remember, this is a search engine, not a social media website.

  • Everytime you post on Pinterest, it allows you to create a link back to your products or services. When you post on Instagram or Facebook, you're essentially just keeping your profile alive and begging people to click your links.

Who is it for

  • Professionals

    Lawyers, Beauticians, Real Estate Agents, Coaches, Photographers etc

  • Influencers

    YouTubers, Instagrammers, Bloggers, Facebook group owners etc

  • Ecommerce

    Online retailers, boutiques, print on demand shops, etc

Imagine how much more revenue would you bring if you had
1M people 
seeing your brand each month
(without paying for those impressions)

What Is Covered?


Create attractive profile to magnetize your ideal audience. Create pins, boards, SEO optimize your profile. Research whats trending on Pinterest, plan your content


Grow your following and reach. Pin your SEO Optimized content


Repin content


Set up Pinterest on autopilot. Monitor

Course Curriculum

  • The Basics

    1. How Pinterest Algorithm Works
    2. Mistakes to Avoid

  • Creating An Attractive Profile

    1. Pins, Boards, SEO
    2. How To Attract The Right Audience

  • Build And Grow

    1. Your Audience
    2. Following and Reach

  • Manage

    1. Pinning Your Content: What, When, How Much
    2. What To Repin

  • Automate

    1. When, Why, How
    2. Analytics, Boost, SEO, Monitoring

What is the goal here?

  • Set up pinterest account the right way

  • Get traffic for years to come

  • Have pinterest working for you on autopilot

What's It Going To Take?

  • You need to put forth a consistent effort, we are growing your account from the ground up, from no account, no boards, pins, followers to getting 10k people on your website/social media channels each month for free.

  • Count 90 days 1-2h daily work and its done & automated. Just do it. It's that simple, it does work.

Why Me – Your Teacher?

  • I am RESULTS driven.

  • My GOAL is to HELP you get from your CURRENT state to your DESIRED state asap.

  • I give you advice I tested on my account and my clients account and it WORKS every time.

  • I was in your shoes. I had a site with little traffic (700 page-views) and was able to grow this traffic to 8500 in 2 months. I helped Jackson grow from 1k to 7k visitors from Pinterest in the first month.

  • I know how important is reach for your brand, the amount of monthly impressions, so people know and recognize your brand. I want you to reach 1M people on Pinterest each month.

  • I am accesable on FB, you can find lots of useful free Pinterest tips on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and PinMeApp Blog.

My Results

  • 10.5k followers and 6.4M reach, which means you can reach people on Pinterest if you don't have a big following- its a search engine, not a social media platform.

  • Went from 700- 8500 page views in 2 month after implementing only part of the startegy I teach in Pinterest Training

  • Grew Reach for Journey Era from 70k to 1M in 1 month

  • Grew Pinterest impressions from 20/day to 800/day in 2 weeks on a brand new account

What Sets Me Apart? 

My program is not for everyone – its only for people like me. action takers, want to get shit done fast, want to have access to person with answers, ready to help them, my goal is not to deliver presentation or materials , my goal is to make it happen for you. tell you WHAT to do and SUPPORT you till you get it DONE.

  • Who i work with - content creators. if you have a biz and offer product or service but are not educating your audience on a regular basis then its not for you. you need at least 20 pieces of content to work with Pinterest.


  • I'm helping you GET NOTICED


  • If you've done it all but are not getting traffic, paid advertising is not working for you- didn't have much success or you did but you want free traffic to, you want any traffic you can get because you understand that to grow you need to reach more people

What's Included In The Pinterest Training?

Self Study Material

A-Z step by step plan to implement to go seamlessly through the 4 phases:
Value $2,000

Two 1:1 Consultations

Not one, but two personal consultations to get you the assistance that you need!
Value $500

Pinterest Consulting

A done for you review of your Pinterest account. I will prepare a list of keywords for you to target, names of the boards, headlines for your pins.
Value $2,000

Choose Your Pinterest Course Plan


Unlimited Access to the Course and All Updates

Pinterest Training

Private FB Group for Questions and Support

Total Cost: $2,000

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Unlimited Access to the Course and All Updates

Everything from Standard

Two 1:1 Consultations

Pinterest Consulting

Total Cost: $4,500

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Your Questions Answered By

Basic Plan

$10 per Month / $100 per Year


  • 10 job schedules
  • Unlimited Pinning
  • Health Board Report Included
  • Pin Now! Included

Premium Plan

$15 per Month / $150 per Year


  • 100 job schedules
  • Unlimited Pinning
  • Health Board Report Included
  • Pin Now! Included

get organic traffic from Pinterest


as often as you wish, once your account is set up there is no need to schedule - its done once

yes, for our users 30% on yearly subscription plans

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