Is Pinterest right for your business marketing strategy

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Is Pinterest right for your business marketing strategy?

Who would benefit most?

Definitely people who have a lot of free value content. People who have big following on social media, it’s worth to be on Pinterest as well – as you already have content that you can promote.

When people come to Pinterest they come to look for ideas, buy something, find  discover something new.

You reach people at the earliest stage of buying process, when they don’t have defined product service- if they know what they want they go to Amazon and purchase it there. They come to Pinterest to look for trends and find out what they want.

They want to find information that they need- you need to attract them and show up as expert. Before they start looking for “real estate agent in Miami” they look for ” things to know before buying house”. So if you are a realtor and want to be perceived as an expert, create this type of content, let people know who you are, show your expertise, share valuable content and people will know you, trust you and reach out to work with you.

The more value free content you have the easier it is to establish you are the expert in your field.

The difference in having $5k biz and $50 biz is reaching more people with your message. Do you really care if 50 or 50m people see your content? No as long as its out there and available its best to reach as much as you can and scale your biz with clients who find you and want to work with you.

How to reach 50m people- with a search engine. You have 3 main to choose Google, YouTube and Pinterest. All take time to rank high but Pinterest take the shortest its the easiest and the cometition is almost non existant compared to the 2 other search engine. With the right marketing strategy in place you can dominate the market (if you are in food and home decor forget it, but if you are not targeting the 10 biggest niches on Pinterest you can be reaching a ton of people in no time.)

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I have a proven process that works, its a 4 step process

  1. build attractive profile
  2. grow audience and reach
  3. manage pinterest account
  4. automate pinterest

I teach you all of that and if you want to meet me in person check out the workshop

Who is it not for?

if you don’t offer free content- at least 20 videos/posts than Pinterest won’t be best solution for you.

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Want to establish if I know what I teach?

Compare followers to reach- pinterest allows you to reach more ppl if your content is worth sharing. Want to know how to help Pinterest algorithm categorize you as valuable creator then join the training/workshop, thats where i reveal it all.

Also check out this post: how pinterest distributes the content

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