How to use Pinterest to market a restaurant?

How to use Pinterest to market a restaurant? - PinMeApp Blog pinterest marketing, branding, pinterest business tips

Pinterest – 27th most popular site in the USA according to Alexa. 30% traffic to Pinterest comes from Google. This means every 3rd person that lands on Pinterest was first trying to find the information in Google search bar. Which means Pinterest content when optimized well ranks high in Google.

Why Pinterest?

Popular social media platform + businesses too scared to use it = big returns for early adopters

Following this logic, if you feel like your business won’t find customers on Pinterest, that is what probably most of your competition thinks as well. So how about finding out how to use Pinterest to your adventage and be ahead of your competition – be where they are not, dominate the new market.

Your restaurant is the best in your area. You know it, your servers know it, and the chef knows it. But do hungry potential customers know it, too?  How do you make sure that when your potential customers make the decision to go out, they choose your restaurant?

Who is this post for?

  • if you are responsible for marketing in a restaurant
  • if you are restaurant manager
  • if you are restaurant owner

This article is going to give you tons of ideas how you can market your restaurant on Pinterest.

Opportunities for restaurants on Pinterest

When you start marketing on Pinterest and create your business account you need to know that there are going to be 2 phases. Set up phase and maintenance phase. Both extremely important for success.

Pinterest account set up

  1. Create boards (with relevant keywords and descriptions)
  2. Apply to group boards

Pinterest maintenance

  1. Creating pins
  2. Repinning your pins
  3. Repinning relevant and highly popular content
  4. Engaging with audience

The more time you put into Pinterest marketing the better results you are going to get. If you are not marketing on Pinterest daily, then forget about large traffic and growing your brand recognition.

Don’t worry there are courses that can teach you how to set it all up, ways to automate it and Pinterest Managers with proven results that can help grow your business on Pinterest.

Equation is pretty simple

More boards -> more pins -> more reach-> more clicks -> more clients -> more money for your business.

Ways to engage your site’s audience

  1. Pin it button
  2. Follow me on Pinterest button
  3. Social media icon

How to better promote a restaurant than with graphic images?

Look at Panera Bread example.

490k followers on Instagram – content being added everyday

52k followers on Pinterest – last pinned 20 weeks ago


  1. People love to have food in their feed
  2. Consistent posting – better results
  3. Much bigger possibilities with driving the audience to the site – Pinterest
  4. Bigger referral traffic – Pinterest

Then why companies spend so much time on Instagram, when there is a platform that converts better?! Because they don’t know how to use it. And in this post I want to help you with ideas how to market your restaurant on Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing and Advertising

  1. Create a board with “Items from the Menu”
  2. Pin lifestyle photos with product placement eg happy couples going towards your restaurant for romantic lunch or family dinner
  3. Boards specific to type of menu item eg “fish”, “chicken” “dessert” “cocktails”, “salads” ect
  4. Boards inspired by location eg “Miami”, “things to do in Miami”, “fun things to do in Miami”, “instagrammable places in Miami”, “must do in Miami” “Miami attractions” “Miami nightlife”
  5. Share a recipe
  6. Parties and events eg wedding
  7. Healthy recipes (health and wellness tips)
  8. Holiday boards – eg. Starbucks famous winter coffee flavors
  9. Create a group board and encourage pinners to post their recipes inspired by restaurant menu items
  10. Repost pictures of people who tag themselves in your restaurant
  11. What would you like to see on the menu – group board. Let your customers know you are looking for ideas, use influencers and your other channels to drive traffic to Pinterest and engage your audience. This will boost your reach
  12. Humor board – food related in good taste
  13. “Pin it to win it” post a contest pin that would boost your engagement, from people who repin it to a giveaway with coupons to your restaurant.
  14. Helpful tips
  15. Inspiration
  16. Furniture design, trends, interior design decor, before and after remodel, rebrand board
  17. Staff board
  18. If you sell merchandise like t-shirts or cups with your company logo add a board with that as well. The $ amount will boost the reach as it will show up in the gift section as well
  19. How to videos – those have high engagement – create a how to video on you tube and then pin it to Pinterest. Do a series of how to videos with the chef and your staff
  20. If you want your pins to be shared, pin things worth sharing: infographic, cartoon, funny quote + your company logo may go viral and help your restaurant grow its brand
  21. Give a behind the scenes peek – chef dicing greens or how to make pasta from scratch
  22. Create a blog board with pins leading to your articles
  23. Review what works for your competition – what type of pins and boards do better then others, that will give you an insight of what might work for you too. Don’t copy it completely, but find out what your potential customers like.

Did you know that food and drinks is the most repinned on Pinterest? Use it to your advantage.

Best pinning practices

  1. Have a content plan. Do not pin blindly. Decide on the first 10 to 20 boards and pin content consistently, every day. Make sure your content is keywoarded and optimized for better search results. Pin trending content first, before pinning your own content. You need to first build strong boards with high repin ratio. Only than you can add your own pins.
  2. Followers – be smart, do not follow people who would not repin your content. Those who would repin your content would already have boards they could pin your content too. Follow people whose content is trending, high quality with big repin ratio.
  3. Whatever you post on your site can be captured on a pin so think visually when creating new content.
  4. Use hashtags and keywords when describing a pin, a board and your account
  5. Balance your content with others. Pinning only your menu items will be boring and will not get you high engagement. Don’t pin pins leading to the same url over and over, make a 14 day space, link to all your articles, menu items and repin others content. The fresher the content on your site the bigger exposure Pinterest will give it.
  6. Remember 80% pinners are on their phones, your pins must be readable and engaging
  7. Use repinnable words. Ones that work the best: chicken, bake, cake, cheese, cut, butter, chocolate, and ingredients!

With these tips, you’ll be a Pinterest expert in no time. And probably a Pinterest addict. It’s addictive.

Need help marketing on Pinterest?

PinMeApp can help take your restaurant to the next level.

Hopefully, these Pinterest marketing ideas were helpful to you, but if you’re still not sure how to get started, feel free to contact us.

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How to use Pinterest to market a restaurant? - PinMeApp Blog pinterest marketing, branding, pinterest business tips

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