How to grow your reach without spending money

how to grow your reach without spending money

In the principle of they have to know you and trust you in order to buy from you, let’s talk about how they can get to know you. 

Is it possible that everyone on the planet knows who you are?….unlikely (unless you are Apple, Chanel, Obama, Brad Pitt…)

But you can grow the amount of people who know you by showing up on all social medias like Gary Vee.

I talked about the 3 stages of fame earlier: anonymous- trusted expert- celebrity. 

Your goal should be reaching the trusted expert status or celebrity. Being anonymous doesn’t help you grow your brand.

So how to get people to know you

  1. Create content on social platforms
  • Facebook limits the reach so only 5% of your friends will see the content and the next day you need to share something new, and you are on a hamster wheel doing lots of work but your content is not reaching many people
  • You can create additional account: IG and tell people you are on FB so they can check you out there. Again you have to now create content for IG daily and only 3% will click or swipe to go to your FB page, very inefficient and time consuming
  • You can create YouTube channel and post the videos from FB there. That’s a plus because now people who look for this content can find you. You win! The problem is the fierce competition, you have to grow your subscribers, and know a bit about the SEO plus if you want better results you may need to add special effects to your videos and the editing process can take you 12h
  • You can also spend 40h to set up your Pinterest account using my secret CGMA method, automate it and never have to worry about Pinterest at all, and within 3 months since the set up you should be in the position when you are getting additional 10,000 visitors to the content you created on FB, IG, YouTube as well as your webinar, sales pages, podcast, blog and more. 6 weeks of 30 min per day and your account is set and you can now automate it and never have to log in to Pinterest or PinMeApp ever again, while getting 10,000+ targeted visitors see all your content each and every month

2. You can create a website and share what you do, what are the benefits, handle the common objections, show case studies and testimonials. (They can’t trust you if you don’t share none of this). But you still need a way to have people see this content on your website so you can either leverage social media to promote it or you can also add search engines: ensure your website is SEO optimized for Google and create Pinterest account to drive all those people who look for your offer on Pinterest as well

3. Write a book – promote it on Amazon and Pinterest

4. Do interviews- and reach the interviewer audience

5. Be someone’s top testimonial- and reach their audience (testimonials and reviews is the first place people review then making a decision)

6. Work with influencers (more of a case for e-comm brands than personal branding)

And plenty other things

Don’t do this one thing – nothing. If you just sit there hoping you will get clients because they have paranormal abilities to figure out what you do and how good are you at it, than you may wait a long time and never see any clients knocking on your doors.

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