How to get the right followers on Pinterest?


Having lots of followers on Pinterest is definately not a goal you should go after. In order for people to visit your website they need to be able to find it easily, so you need to SEO optimize it and serve lots of impressions. I teach how to do it in my Pinterest Training so feel free to sign up and set up your Pinterest account for success.

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But there is a value add when you have the right followers. This are the people who would enjoy your content, click on your pins to read it right away or save to they boards to read later- and grow your reach at the same time. You see, every time someone saves your pin to they own board, they duplicate your pin. And now they followers are able to see it in their feed. Why is that? Because Pinterest feed consists of

  1. your interests- that you defined when setting up your account,
  2. popular content – so when people you follow save something it makes it more popular,
  3. and of course Pinterest ads.

Here is the list of characteristics your followers must meet in order to be your right followers. Bots and spam accounts won’t help your Pinterest account grow.

  1. Interested in the topic (have boards they could save your content to.
  2. Active on Pinterest
  3. Following your competition
  4. Save similar content

If they already save similar content it means they are interested in it. Engaging with them, saving their pins, following them can pop up in their notification, they may review your account, see the content they like and follow you. And once they do, granted you are pinning daily, your content will pop up in their feed and they will click on save it. That’s how you will grow your website page views and Pinterest reach.

What else you can do to grab their attention:

  1. Get access to group boards they follow
  2. Use keywords and hashtags
  3. Follow pinners, save their content

And very important, yet often forgotten:

  1. Add Pinterest follow button on your website
  2. Consistency – be active on Pinterest – show up in the feed- use PinMeApp

Hope this is useful. It won’t work unless you actually do it. Build a habit for 21 days, commit to applying this on your account daily for 30-60 mins and let us know results you got!

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how to get the right followers on pinterest, pinterest tips

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