How to get 20,000 people read your blog posts?

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Here’s the stats for just 1 of my blog posts (I have over 100). You can see it brings me around 350 visitors each day. But the interesting fact is I created this post 2 years ago. In the 1st year only 164 people discovered it. In the 2nd year 4,425 people found this post. And this year already over 16,200 and it’s still one month till the end of the year. (This is what you call a snowball effect).

And this wasn’t irrelevant spam traffic either – these were all targeted visitors. I’ll explain how you can get similar results for your content in a moment, but first…

Don’t you hate it when you spend 30 minutes writing a great content post on Facebook and you get 2 likes and 1 comment (if you’re lucky)?

And you’re like ‘is there something wrong with my content? Is anybody even seeing it?’

You’ve got 3000 friends, but what % of them interact with your stuff? What % even see your stuff?

Even when you do have a great piece of content that people love, it’s still gone forever from the newsfeed 24 hours after you posted it. 

Meaning – that time and effort might make a sale or get a few leads once – but you have to keep on coming up with brilliant new content every single day. 

Pretty tedious, right? 

And it’s the same on the other social medias too – Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The reach is horrible and you’re constantly on a hamster wheel of creating new content in order to be seen. 

Youtube is slightly different in that it’s a search engine, so your content can be seen forever – but the competition on there is ridiculous. 

“So Joanna, are you going to tell me the solution, or what?”

Which brings me back to my blog post. I wrote this post 2 years ago – yet it gets more and more traffic every day.

How? Through Pinterest.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking ‘Pinterest – that’s just for pictures of home designs isn’t it?’

And guess what – every other online entrepreneur thinks that too. This means Pinterest right now is an untapped gold mine when it comes to getting free, targeted traffic. 

A couple of years ago, I stumbled over what is now my CGMA method to getting this traffic from Pinterest. 

Nobody else was using this method (and still nobody else seems to use it today – apart from me and my clients). 

I used it to help Jackson grow his reach from 70k to 1M in 1 month- that grew traffic to his website from 1,000 visitors to 7,000 visitors. Jacob, ranks number 1 as immigration attorney on Pinterest and his YouTube engagement grew (that is where he sends his traffic from Pinterest). Chane, reached additional 30,000 people with his affiliate offers within 2 weeks of starting my Pinterest Course.

I’ll explain more about Pinterest and how the CGMA method works in future posts (this is getting long already), but the great thing is the ‘Pins’ you create redirect traffic wherever you want – ie back to your existing content. 

So you have a great Facebook post that brought you tons of leads, you can set up pins to redirect traffic there. Or a sales page that converts – send your traffic there. Or your Insta, Youtube, blog posts – it doesn’t matter. 

Takes a couple of weeks to set everything up, then you can forget about it – yet you still keep getting this traffic for life. 

Want to know how this could work for you? Inbox me.

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how to get 20k people read your blog posts pinmeapp

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