How to Create Viral Pins

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So, you want your content to go viral. Pinterest is just the way to do it! The platform is growing exponentially — as should your traffic, brand, and reputation. Going viral on Pinterest means that your pin reaches more people than your account ever has. It means that your pins reach far beyond just your followers.

How to Go Viral on Pinterest

You’re going viral when you’re receiving at least 80K views per day. But how do you create pins for Pinterest that likely go viral? I’m glad you asked. Like successful people, successful pins have a few things in common. Do your pins have what it takes? The best pins share three key elements: they are beautiful, interesting, and actionable.

To go viral, your pin needs to be eye-catching, have an evocative description, and feature a strong call-to-action. Sharing your pins in groups that have an audience of more than just your followers diversifies your views — the more the merrier! Here’s how to create Pinterest pins to go viral.

1. Create Pins That Are Vertical and Long

Pins on a screen are always arranged in columns. Therefore, a vertical pin will stand out. Almost everyone uses Pinterest on a phone. We’ve all come across that truncated pin that required viewing up close and in full – and we rarely do view it.

It’s important that you have your pin size of ratio 2:3 or 1:2.1 (600×900 px or 600×1260 px) to make the most use of the few milliseconds you have to make an impression. With the help of templates from Canva and Snappa.io, you can make just the right ratio out of your pins.

Ever felt like just one picture doesn’t fully convey your message? Don’t worry! Using long pins enables you to stack several images and tell your story in full.

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2. Better Graphics = More Views.

They say a photo is worth a hundred words. Nowhere is this truer than on Pinterest. You rarely bother with blurry or difficult-to-read images; you simply scroll and continue. Your audience does the same.

Focus on creating high-quality, attractive images. You’ll thank yourself for your hard work later.

3. Enticing Description

What’s likely to catch your attention, ‘50 things to see in Paris’ or ‘50 PLACES IN PARIS YOU CANNOT MISS’? I thought so. A catchy description is key for viral Pinterest pins. It grabs attention and makes viewers curious; now that’s good for business.

Don’t forget to include keywords and hashtags naturally to tell users why your pin matters. With a detailed description, your image becomes more helpful — and more pinners will want to share it.

4. The Headline

You rarely have a second chance to make a first impression – Pinterest is no exception. Make a great impression from the start. A dazzling, powerful, engaging phrase commands power. Include evocative and relevant keywords written in an attractive font.

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Big fonts don’t always see better results. In fact, my least-clear font received 47.9k impressions, 173 saves, and 21 clicks tomy site. The pin with the clearest text overlay performed the worst, with the lowest impressions and no saves nor clicks to my site.

Call Now!

Just knowing how to get a pin to go viral on Pinterest is not enough. You also need users to take action.

A clear call-to-action tells users exactly what to do next. It motivates them to click through to your site. End with ‘Check it out!’ ‘Call Now’ ‘Claim your free Bonus…,’ or something similar.

Thanks for reading and watching! As always, let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you. And if you found this slightly helpful, I’d appreciate if you could help me share with more people. Cheers!

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6 everything you need to know about creating viral pins on pinterest pinmeapp pinterest tips pinterest scheduler pinterest automation

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