How Pinterest can grow your business

How Pinterest can grow your business in one month?

I was able to grow my own Pinterest account from 700 to 3300 in the first month. How? Well when I started my blog I started creating pins and placing them on Pinterest, but I had no clue what I was doing nor curious enough to learn how to do it right. I saw lots of posts of people saying they get 300k page views but they were bloggers for 6-10 years already or had a pin go viral so it didn’t really help with the process. So after 10 months, knowing I have to either abandon my blog or pay for hosting in 2 months I decided to learn how to drive traffic to Pinterest. I listened to experts, no not those bloggers with courses and ebooks, experts mean business owners who know exactly how Pinterest algorithm works. Most of the time this videos I found were only seen by 30 people. I was in shock, why people who claim to be Pinterest experts are not watching those in depth important videos. I implemented the strategy and got mind-blowing results. The first month was big but in second month my traffic grew to 8500 page views- which was 12X of what it used to be. It took me probably 60h to do all the changes on my account. I did it for 1 week, non stop updating my account and blog.

With Jackson Groves I was able to grow from 1000 to 7000 page views. Here is how.

So it is possible to get awesome results with Pinterest free traffic if you put time and effort in an efficient way. All you need to know is know what you are doing, know how to get the right results.

And if you want my help I offer Pinterest Training and Pinterest Management. All you need to do is message me, schedule a call and we will see if its a good fit.

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