How pinmeapp actually works

PinMeApp is a very simple time saving solution. It’s build for people who leverage group boards to promote their expert content.

If you are expert, influencer or own an online store and want to promote your content, products and services for free with Pinterest than you are in the right place.

To use PinMeApp you need to meet this 3 criteria

  • have access to 20+ group boards
  • have your Pinterest account set up properly and drive min 500 visitors from Pinterest to your content already
  • have min 30 pins that lead to 30 different url addresses

Not quite there yet? I can help.

Here is a short step by step video that will show you main functionality in action.

All PinMeApp does is repin content from source board to target board/s at your predefined time-slot.

Here are the top mistakes people make when using PinMeApp.

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