How long it takes to see results with Pinterest?

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You think it’s gonna be 2h per day forever- just like FB, IG or YouTube. Because yes, you can do a 30min live video or write a post in 15 min – but then you have respond to those comments and DMs. Maybe you find yourself scrolling for a while as well…

And oops … 2h has passed. And after all that, next day it’s like you didn’t post at all – your content has disappeared from the news feed forever and you have to start again.

However, Pinterest is the exact opposite of this.

It only took me 40h to set up and automate my account 2 years ago.

Within 3 months I was getting 10k visitors on my site – without putting any additional work after the initial setup. Since then, I’ve invested exactly ZERO hours into my Pinterest account, yet today I’m getting 40k visitors per month to my site – 2 years later.

If you want to get my proven system to getting tons of ready to buy clients see your content everyday, then don’t waste time on figuring it on your own.

I am not the kind of person who will come to you and say ‘hey your Pinterest account is all messed up, you’re not gonna attract your audience with it’ – unless you are my client.

I don’t give advice when I am not asked for it. And I do see my FB friends, entrepreneurs making $50k per month wasting time on figuring it out on their own. Doing all the mistakes that they possibly can.

Pinterest is nothing like FB or Google or YT or IG. The tactics you use there won’t work with Pinterest.

Why my course is only 40h? because I am not letting you waste time doing stuff I know won’t bring you results. You only do what needs to be done, so it’s fast, efficient and effective.

It’s 6 weeks of 30min per day time investment that will grow your brand for years. And bring more money to your pocket every day!

My CGMA method is very straightforward. Each day you have a list of tasks to complete, once you are done with the create, you move to grow, then manage and then automate- that’s it. Simple step by step plan with videos so you know exactly what to do every step of the way. I am also giving you my advice- it’s not an ebook where you get the plan and you are left alone to figure it out. You got my support, and I need you to get results.

Each and every client of mine told me they wish they had started sooner. So don’t waste time. Get it done. START NOW

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