How bloggers lie about getting traffic

Easiest way to get traffic to your blog

Sharing an income report is a great way to get traffic to a blog. Everyone wants to know how other people make money, especially if they make a lot of them or they make money with ease.

So the moment blogger makes any money blogging, they publish an income report, share it in all sorts of blogging FB groups, create pins, to drive traffic to this post.

What happens next?

The more people visit the blog, the more money blogger makes. And the more traffic, the more ad revenue and more affiliate income for the blogger, so obviously this triggers blogger to create another income report and the circle continuous..

How bloggers become “experts”, “guru’s”

At some point blogger decides to create course about “making money blogging” or “how to generate traffic for your blog to make money”. 100s to 1000s of people buy those courses but very few see any results.

Now why is that?

Well, the blogger forgot to say that they started a blog in a very popular niche, eg mommy blog or organization or mental health. Topics that get millions of monthly searches on Pinterest. 

Because those topics are highly popular and generate loads of traffic, blogger can make their first $1,000 with around 60,000 pageviews just with ad revenue.

And who wouldn’t want to make additional $1k with a blog right at the start? No need to sell anything, buy inventory, it’s passive income. Truth be told, anyone can write a blog.

So, why only few people see results thanks to their courses? Because most people blog about different topics and the advice is the complete opposite of what actually works on Pinterest .Its a bunch of” pin 5-30 pins a day”, which is a complete nonsense.

In essence it looks like this

  1. Start a blog in popular niche
  2. Get traffic easy and fast (millions of monthly searches of popular keywords)
  3. Make money with ads (due to traffic)
  4. Create a blogging income report (drives even more traffic)
  5. Create another blogging income report (and so on)
  6. Create a course to “teach” how to “make money blogging”/ “get tons of traffic”
  7. Make more money with ads and courses
  8. Another income report (now the income is higher and more diversified)
  9. Maybe another corse- “how to make money with courses” or “affiliate income”
  10. With tons of content and “proof” that blogger makes money, the clicks and the sales grow over time.

My Pinterest story

So who am I to tell you this story? Well, my story is kind of weird. I sort of stumbled upon Pinterest completely by accident. 

One day I was in my corporate job and I read an article about a girl who was making $100k per month with her blog. So i thought, what is going on? How can I do this? So I created my own blog, but I got no traffic. So then I asked a question, how do I get traffic? And I heard about people getting traffic from Pinterest so I decided to give it a try. I bought some courses from the “guru’s” but none of that made any sense to me. It all seemed like nonsense. 

So I decided I am gonna figure this out on my own. I became like a mad scientist, tried a whole bunch of stuff and I was really lucky, really early on I stumbled upon (totally by accident) what is now called my “CGMA method”. Guess what, this system was the complete opposite of what the other gurus told me. Nobody else was teaching this stuff, especially some of the specific techniques, and no one else seems to be doing it even now which is why I can clean up on Pinterest and reach 9M people. 

Within the first month I had 420% increase in traffic, then month 2, further 1200% and traffic has grown ever since. Now, without any additional effort I get over 30k visitors to my blog every month as a result of the work I did 2 years ago and only took me 1 week to complete. And those visitors are highly targeted. 

At this time I created my PinMeApp which is my Pinterest automation tool which allows me to reduce daily time spent on Pinterest from 2h a day to zero. 

From there I realized I can help a lot of people reach their audience. I helped Jackson reach 1m people on Pinterest in the 1st month. Jacob- to rank no 1 as immigration lawyer on Pinterest. Chane doubled his Pinterest reach in 2 weeks time. And now I help people from all over the world get highly targeted traffic to their sites from Pinterest.

Want me to help you get to 30k unique visitors per month?

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how bloggers lie about getting traffic

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