The First Thing to Do Before Pinning on Pinterest

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When you start out with Pinterest — set up an account or set up a Pinterest business page — you still need to do a couple things to ensure you succeed.

First of all, you need to know how to pin on Pinterest. You don’t want to pin your content to an empty account with no followers – why? Because it won’t get repinned and no one will click on it to go on your site.

How do you get followers? Here’s a post that describes just that:

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What to Pin on Pinterest

You need to pin content that is relevant to your niche. Yes, it will be the content of your “competition.” Don’t worry about this at the moment. Right now, you need to get attention of people who are interested in the topics you want to write about. That means you need to pin content just like what you plan to create.

How to start on Pinterest the right way

Think of boards as the keywords you want to rank for. If you plan to write Miami-related content, you could name your boards “Most instagrammable places in Miami,” “What to do in Miami,” etc. Then, pin the best-performing content you find to those boards. Once your account is filled with great pins and you have at least 200 followers, start pinning your own pins.

That way Pinterest will see that you pin relevant content and will show it to your followers. And if your followers like it and engage with it (by engage, I mean they either click to read it or save it to their board), Pinterest will distribute it even further.

It is way better to have 100 impressions for others’ content than one for your own content, especially when you’re just starting out on Pinterest.

Set up your account, start pinning, and, with time, as your following grows, you will get more impressions, saves, and clicks.

Good luck! If you don’t have time to manage or even start a Pinterest account, you can benefit from Pinterest management services. We’ll show you how to set up a Pinterest business page, how to set up multiple Pinterest accounts, and how to set up Pinterest ads. For those with no experience on the platform, we can even show you how to set up a Pinterest board. Visit our Pinterest Management page to find out more.

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Thanks for reading! As always, let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you. And if you found this slightly helpful, I’d appreciate if you could help me share with more people. Cheers!

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