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You probably heard that Pinterest is a long term game. And if you are anything like me you want to get results fast so that can be a turn off and you might have this misconception about Pinterest and decided to not invest your time in it.

In this post I want to show you what this “saying” actually means. It means that with Pinterest it’s a snowball effect. A pin is an asset that will bring you traffic day in day out without any maintenance. If you have well optimized and automated profile, the content you create today will be still relevant in 2-3 years from now and will be bringing you traffic. So yes, your results will be better in the future. But does it mean you’re not going to get results now? No, that’s definitely not the case.

And quite frankly with the right set up, you can get traffic from Pinterest from day 1.

2 years ago, I stumbled over a system that nobody seemed to know about (including all the various courses and ebooks I paid for). Even today, pretty much nobody – apart from me and my clients – use this approach. 

It’s called the CGMA method and it works in 4 steps:

Step 1 – Create: We create your ‘Magnetic Profile’. which draws targeted buyers to you. With some marketing experience, this should be easy, but there are a few Pinterest-specific things we need to get right here. 

Step 2 – Grow: Now you have your Magnetic Profile, your audience needs to see it. My Exponential Follower Technique not only gets you a ton of new followers, but the RIGHT followers (ie prospects who want to buy!) 

Step 3 – Manage: Using my Strategic Pin Method, you’ll put tantalizing, exciting content out to your new audience. These ‘Pins’ all link to your existing content on other platforms. Because this is the right audience, as a result they will click through to your landing pages/Insta/Facebook/YouTube/email subscription. And you are growing your email list even faster than usual.

Step 4 – Automate: Once you’ve created enough content (usually takes 1-4 weeks), we now automate the repinning of this content using my PinMeApp. Basically this means you need to spend ZERO time managing your account from now on. 

In other words, it will take a few weeks to set everything up.

After that, we let the PinMeApp do its magic so you can ‘set and forget’. You literally run this process once and forget about it – and you’re getting (if your results are similar to mine) 10,000 targeted visitors wherever you want them, every single month for free, without doing a single minute of work. 

Other client results – Blogger Jackson went from 1k blog visitors to 7k in the first month. Immigration lawyer Jacob went from 20 page views per day to over 800. And me personally? Well I went from 700 blog visitors a month to 10,000 in 3 months (although the setup work only took 1 week). Now 2 years later I am getting over 30,000 visitors on my blog, all thanks to the work I did 2 years ago- that’s the Pinterest snowball effect. No new content nor pins were created since.

I appreciate you’re super busy and the idea of taking on a new project isn’t necessarily super appealing for you – but if you can spare a short amount of time to let me show you how to get this set up, it’s something that will pay you a LOT of money for a very long time. 

Let me know if this is of interest. Either way, all the best!

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