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What a million viewers mean

  1. you can make more money
  2. you can make more money
  3. you can make more money

and so on

Want to know how I grew Jackson Groves Pinterest reach from 68k to 1M in under a month? That resulted in bigger exposure, more money and sponsorship deals? Click on the pic below to find out

Jackson Groves Pinterest results

If you never used Pinterest to promote your business here is 40 reasons why you should seriously consider this unicorn platform no-one is talking about. (But me, you can always count on me!)

This days everyone and their dog are trying to get clients through facebook, IG and Linkedin. You get hell of a competition, but you know what people are not using – Pinterest.

Here is how I grew my target audience using Pinterest

Here is how I grew Jackson’s audience using Pinterest

The speed you can grow your business with Pinterest is uncomparable to any other site you are currently using.

You know how emails first got introduced, everyone was excited when they were getting emails and the open rates were at 90% – today 30%. When fb ads were first introduced, they costed $0.01, now… you know best.

Pinterest is the new thing people aren’t using and 75% Pinterest users have no clue how to use it to their advantage.

You can grow the account from scratch and within 90 days welcome 10k additional people on your fb posts. People who never heard of you, and now they are interested in your content. What do you think is going to happen if they came to see your fb post and it helped them, they will check out all your other posts, they will reach out directly.

That is a huge advantage you have over bloggers who market on Pinterest – they lead their readers to their blogposts but then the reader see there is no 1:1 support, no way to contact the expert. Majority of bloggers focus on making little money- they drive tons of traffic from Pinterest – even millions of viewers per month but they don’t have nothing to sell, they make pennies with ads, sometimes the will sell you $29 ebook. 

Let’s do the math

10k page views on your website can make you a $200 additional passive income if you decide to have Monumetric ads. Converting those 10k visitors into 100 clients of a $500 coaching program can make you $50k/month! Thats the math. If you can’t conver 1% of your visitors, then you need to up level your content. Show value: how i helped this person achieve this + testimonial, how does this work, examples – make sure people get real value backed up with results. Even if you converted only 0.1% of your visitors – only 10 people to get your $500 course that is still $5k you can get thanks to Pinterest.

If you are a coach, you post daily, have awesome results and offer programs people can join- you are a no brainer. You don’t leave this lost soul just with the post and there you go, I told you what I know. But you offer coaching, mentoring- something really really important for people to grow, learn and change. People need support when they do sth for the first time, when they struggle with some area of their life. They don’t want to just read another post. They want to find an expert who can help them!

Like I said you can grow your Pinterest account and grow targeted traffic to your content every month with ease if you know what you are doing, but if you don’t know what you are doing, you will end up wasting your time.

People are making tons of money thanks to traffic generating from Pinterest – why because you don’t need to convince people with the most persuasive copy to stop scrolling on their fb feed, they click from pinterest directly to your post, there is no competition on the way. They are in the moment in need of this information – not killing time but actively searching for solutions. Thats the type of client you want. Stop fighting for attention with your competition here on FB, get your audience from Pinterest, help yourself be found by people who need your advice. 

Now you may be wandering but what this 1m viewers mean, I could’t make it happen, that is not for me… 

Pinterest helps you with branding, with the right Pinterest strategy people will see your content, your name/logo every month. Those who need this information asap would click on your pin and come to your fb post. Those who don’t need it now, but consider it for the future would save your pin to their board (like you bookmark things for later).

10k people per month is a 333 people per day. Additional 333 people daily seeing your videos, your fb posts, commenting, interacting, reaching out to inquire for your 1:1 sessions.

If you currently have 300 people watching your lives, then imagine having 633 people watching it. 

No friend requests have to sent daily to people who will never buy, you only get people who look for the information.

And the beauty with Pinterest is you don’t have to spend time managing it everyday. And the results are going to come for years, you read it right, for years. 

All you need to do is contact me, sign up for my pinterest training, set up your account the right way, grow it to the point it brings you 10k people every-month and then set it up on automation using my tool- PinMeApp. It’s that simple. Here is a proof, that even if you don’t spend time on optimizing your content on pinterest you are still going to get audience month after month.

1m viewers- think of it as branding, why apple phones and laptops are in every movie – cause they want you to see their logo everywhere you look. When you think snickers, Nike, Adidas come to mind. Think of your brand the same way, so that you are the only person in your field who can help. It’s like with ad impressions. The more people see your logo the more they remember you, think Sam Ovens.

When I go on calls with potential clients, they all say “I remember your accent from your videos”. Make yourself memorable! Show up in search results, don’t be another pushy ad in people’s feed.

On Pinterest there are no friend request, people follow what they are interested in, people find what they look for. That is why your content should be there in a way people know what you do and its easy to find you!

DM me and let’s talk. It’s free, you are going to get valuable information regarding your business and marketing it on Pinterest, even if you decide that’s not the right time, and you are not ready. In August Pinterest Training prices are going up. So its your last chance to book a call with me and find out more (I am leaving on my vacey next week!!)

Cheers, Joanna

For more information about Pinterest check out our blog

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