Everything you need to get clients daily on autopilot

get clients daily on autopilot

You probably know that they must KNOW you and TRUST you in order to BUY from you.

Let’s see what’s necessary then.

Just because you see an influencer with 100k followers, doen’t mean they make $100k per month. Doesn’t mean they have the right audience who trusts them and would buy from them. But if they work on a few things that could be possible.


You need a way for people to find you. And you have lots of options to do that so we can categorize them into free ones and paid ones or into time consuming and not involving any of your time. Your choice.

Let’s talk about paid options first.

You can create FB ads or Google ads or Pinterest ads and promote your best content. You need to target the right people, have the right copy and know a thing or two about running ads.

SO in order to succeed you essentially need 

  1. Photographer- to take professional picture (I am not gonna go into make up artist and someone who will dress you or decide what should be the background of the photo, but you need to know how you want to present your brand. More about personal branding photoshoots here)
  2. Copywriter – to write compelling copy for your add
  3. Website designer – because you are sending traffic to your website
  4. Ad expert (I only bought Sam Ovens course to learn FB ads, but you can certainly find someone who does great YouTube or Pinterest ads as well)

You can also take Gary Vee or Kylie Jenner approach and utilize free social media to share your content for free.


You can post your content on IG, get loads of followers and hope they will click through to check out your offer, but the percentage of followers who click is not that big. Algorithm limits your reach. You have to post daily to be seen and not forgotten, there is a ton of work that goes into managing IG account. You need to keep up with likes and engagement, respond to comments as it plays a role if your content will be shown to more or less people. You can set up photoshoots, add filters, edit photos and schedule them to publish at a later date, but it requires daily maintenance and usually the clickthrough rate is less than 10% of your following. And then even less people take action.

It’s strong sides are the brand awareness. The more of your content people can discover, they can remember your name, follow you and keep up with your content

The bad side is extremely time consuming and you have lots of competition.


Similarly to IG, you need to create content daily, but it’s not a photoshoot and short captions with hashtags. Here is a fb post or video. You need to write an enticing headline and expect only 5% of your friends will see it. Again, out of that maybe 5% will do the requested action and click through to your site.

Bad side: time consuming, lots of competition, need to play the engagement game, like comment, respond, post dummy post to grow engagement so more people will see your value posts. And the 5k friends limit. You’ll get people pitching you their offers and want to solve all your problems, you didn’t even realise you have.

Good side, you can create a community where you can nurture your audience. This is the best part of facebook, you can have a group of people who opt in to be in your closed group where you share valuable info and they get notifications anytime you post there.


The easiest & fastest way to reach your target audience, because they find your pins and click to discover your content. There is no content on Pinterest, it’s a search engine, so they click to watch the video/read the post/ get the freebie/ or find out more about your offer.

Pinterest account set up can take a few weeks, then you need to automate pinning and you are all set. So you can set it and forget it.

Can you do it on your own? Yes but why waste time, and take longer route when you can get the gps instructions and get desired results fast and efficient and get help from someone who has been there done that and help others get there too. Click here for more info.

Bad side – honestly the only bed side is when you don’t implement my strategy and you are going to waste time daily on Pinterest. I don’t spend any time on pinterest and over 35k people per month finds their way to my blog. When I started on Pinterest I thought it will be time consuming, pinning to all those boards, repinning, doing SEO. But once I created my CGMA method and PinMeApp it all became easy. And I get results with zero time invested in Pinterest.


Creating and editing videos for 12h, making sure it ranks as a recommended video, getting followers, all time consuming but if you have a great strategy it’s a way to grab attention for years. Once you put the content out there it’s going to stay. Your goal is to make sure it ranks well. Will people read your description click the links you want them to click? Only a small percentage.


Great way to have your content in one place easy to find, but the chance that someone will discover your website, without promoting it or SEO optimizing for Google, it’s just not gonna happen. Noone will find your content on your blog if you won’t promote it. Once you have traffic on your site make sure to inter link blog posts, so people can easily find more of your content and stay longer. The more valuable content you have the better it is for your brand.


Ok so they know you, now how to make them trust you. Well, it won’t hurt to show your face, talk to them, if on IG- use IG story, if on FB use video or live video. If YouTube, well they already see you, just make sure you have quite a few videos that are valuable, not generic.

With the right content strategy and showing up it’s gonna be easier to trust you. Built credibility, why they should work with you, buy from you. Why you are the person who will get them from point A to B.

Think about it. If you meet a guy do you marry him the same day or go to his apartment the same day you met? Usually no, you want to get to know them first, build trust.

You need to do the same thing with your audience, share information no one else shares, be genuine, offer help before you ask for a favor.

If you know my story you know that I created PinMeApp first, before I had any audience. I created a tool for myself but decided to share it with others, as its extremely useful, and responsible for 50% of my success. The other 50% is my CGMA method I teach in my Pinterest Training. SO I created an offer but noone knew who I was. I had to create FB and YouTube and blog to share my Pinterest tips to build credibility. I had to share my clients results and case studies to make it believable that my clients can get the same results as I got.


Make it simple. Let people buy from you when they want to. Its 21st century, you need a proper website where people can buy your service. Where they can find out more about you and review all your social media channels. High value offers over $2k I understand they are usually over the phone with link to payment. But still having a website is very useful. 

So how to get clients daily on autopilot? 

  1. Build trust by daily posting on social media of your choice: fb/yt/ig
  2. Create and repin pins to drive traffic to your posts and repin them on Pinterest.

Thanks to Pinterest they will get to know you. Thanks to your big portfolio of valuable content they will trust you. And then make sure to include a call to action and a link to payment gateway so they can buy from you. Also don’t create all posts as sales posts. You can let people know what you do, in the value post, let them come to you, don’t just pitch all the time.

Hope this was valuable. For more content, friend me on fb and subscribe to newsletter.

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