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If you’re a coach who gets incredible results for your clients… 

If you know that a lot more people should be enrolling into your high ticket coaching program…

If you’d like your calendar booked full of ideal clients – to the point where you have a waiting list…

(without having to send endless annoying DMs or writing 50 Facebook posts per day, or any other tedious nonsense…)

Then this may be the thing that finally 
explodes your business.

I’ll explain more in just a moment, but first…

have you ever wondered why you’ve invested so much money in coaching, yet your business still isn’t where you want it to be?

There’s actually a very good reason for this…

There’s a Reason All That Money You’ve Invested In Coaching Hasn’t Yet Paid Off…

So What’s The Reason Then?

The reason your standard group coaching program doesn’t work is the same reason your standard marketing seminar doesn’t work. 

You pay a fortune to fly to some conference to sit in a room with 3000 other people, watching a speaker and taking notes. 

You get a ton of seemingly great info – and you go home full of excitement with a “workshop high”. On Monday morning you sit down to implement what you learned and you’re like…

….”What do I do now?”

Even if you do know what to do, you still have no idea if you’re doing it right. 

And This Is Where 
Even The Smartest People Fall Down...

Let me ask you – has an expert ever sat down and told you the following…

For almost everyone, the answer here is a big, fat, emphatic NO.

Sure, you’ve seen tons of theory about what the ‘perfect pin’ should look like. And how to do SEO. And how to write headlines. And how to…blah blah blah whatever. 

But the problem comes when you have to take that generic, high level advice and make it specific to YOUR business. Your unique personality and set of skills. 

Do you really need yet another overhyped course where you follow hours and hours of boring training videos and get lousy support in some so-called exclusive Facebook group?

Are you willing to spend tens of thousands of your hard earned money, only to get on Q&A calls where you ask a question and the coach says ‘ermmm….so what’s your offer again?’

Or is it time for you to say ‘enough is enough’ – and only invest your money in people who take the time to understand you, your unique personality, the gifts you have to offer the world and show you exactly how to make a business from that?

Join the best Pinterest Training

Ultimately I believe every business owner reaches the point where the only thing they need is to have a proven expert SHOW THEM – step by step….

‘This is EXACTLY what you need to do for your business.’

And not just say ‘ok you need to create an offer’, but to actually tell you what your offer should be. Help you create proper marketing materials. Help you get traffic. Help you with automation. As opposed to simply offering…

…worthless generic advice!

And this is why I’ve created the best Pinterest Training for business owners who want all of this – fast!. 

Due to the ridiculous level of personal care, love and attention I am giving these select few business owners, I am not allowing more than 10 people to attend my Training. So once it’s sold out, it’s sold out!

By the end of this Training, you’ll be in a position where:

FYI – Joanna is currently reaching 7,500,000 people on Pinterest- without spending any time managing the account (and $0 in ad spend!). She’ll be revealing all her secrets – and why much of whats he does is the exact opposite of what everyone else is teaching. 

This training will be in a workshop format. You’ll sit with your laptop and follow step by step the exact method Joanna uses to set up her clients account. 

Speaking of Joanna, you’re probably wondering who am I ….

Pinterest Expert

Joanna Szewczyk

Joanna helps experts, influencers and ecommerce store owners get free targeted traffic (a minimum of 10,000 visitors per month) from Pinterest.

Her unique CGMA method shows you exactly how to do this. It takes 6 weeks to prime your account fully to make this happen – but after that, the traffic you get is 100% on autopilot. You literally never have to login to Pinterest ever again, if you don’t want to!

Joanna reaches 10M people on Pinterest every month using this method.

No matter what your niche is, people are searching for what you do on Pinterest. Most of them are not getting what they are looking for right now – meaning there is a whole ‘blue ocean’ of opportunity waiting for you…

…if you jump on it now.

And if you are anything like me you want to see the proof. So here you go – a screen of my Pinterest account, where you see I am reaching a huge 10M audience of active Pinterest users with only a handful of followers!

But it hasn’t always been this way.

I started my blog in Jan 2017 and the first 10 months I haven’t seen much tarffic. I bought some courses from Pinterest gurus but it didn’t make any sence and didn’t work. And more importantly the advice they gave would make me a slave- that’s not how I imagined an online business. I wanted to make it 100% passive.

So in Nov 2017 I set down and nailed my CGMA method that got me the results from the screenshot below. My traffic grew from 700 visitors to 3300  (first month) and 8500 (second month) and so on. I not only developed my technique to set up an account I also developed an automation tool- PinMeApp. PinMeApp manages my account since Nov 2017. And I spend zero time managing this account since then.

Once I saw this immediate success I decided to help others generate traffic for free with Pinterest.

This days I get anywhere between 20k-40k visitors to my blog on autopilot. The work I put in in Nov (just 40h to set up) is paying dividends.

Since I experienced my own success I started sharing my Pinterest tips on my blog, YouTube channel, Facebook and Tik Tok. I manage accounts for clients, provide 1:1 coaching and offer a DIY Pinterest course. And it has been taken really well. I’ve been named the Pinterest Queen.

alex urban-2

so how exactly does this pinterest training work?

Great question.

Here’s the full breakdown…

the course

CGMA method consists of 4 parts: CREATE- GROW – MANAGE- AUTOMATE

Course starts with a kick-off meeting where you’ll get to know Joanna and other course members (max 10 people who will be going through the exact same process as you). You will get the whole overview of what you will be doing and why.

From there you will know exactly what to do each day- and it won’t take more than 30min of your time. Efficiency is key- no need to waste time on activities that won’t impact your account performance.

You will get access to the training portal where you’ll see all step by step videos how to implement. This are real live videos of Joanna setting up her own account for PinMeApp back in Jan 2020 (that already reaches over 100k people!). Videos include both theory (reason behind it) and practice- how to actually implement it.

and even though just having this materials would 100% be enough for you to follow my steps and execute on your own account. You are getting even more…

group support

You get access to weekly group coaching calls where you can ask questions and get feedback from Joanna. Additionally you get access to Private FB group where you can submit questions and get DAILY feedback. FB group is also a place where Joanna shares any new tips that are not part of the program so you are always few steps ahead from your competition!

If you don’t have time to follow all available Pinterest advice than this is your best chance to get it all filtered and tested before you implement on your own account.

But… you are getting even more

personal support

Once a week you’ll have your account personally reviewed by Joanna. You will get feedback if your account is being set up properly and get additional tips for improvement

You’ve now got 10,000 people a month seeing your offer and a percentage of them booking sales calls. 

You’ve now got a machine which sends you targeted leads every single month. You’re already way ahead of the majority of online marketers – yay!

Without having Pinterest account set up and driving you a huge audience..how many thousands of dollars every month are you losing?


But that’s enough of me talking about me. Here is what my students and clients has to say.

Here is my student – Anna. She joined my course in Jan 2020. Never had a Pinterest account before. As you can see on the screenshoots below she drives lots of traffic to her FB page now. Some of her Pins went viral bringing her 900+ visitors in just 1 day. And that happened within 2 weeks after she set up the account.

She used to do direct outreach on Facebook, now clients come directly to her asking about her high ticket program. How exciting!

Instead of having 100 people see her content on Facebook and needing to create it couple times per week, now she has 100k people see her content on Pinterest and over 5.6k were triggered to click the pin and find out more. 

She gets new followers and friend requests from prospects every day.

anna reyes results-2
anna reyes testimonial pinmeapp

Another client,  Travel Blogger- Jackson, increased his traffic by 684% in the first month. I managed to grow his account from reaching only 70k people per month to reaching over 1M people. The more people know about his blog posts, the more click on a pin to read them. 

It’s all about proper set up and automation. Now his account gets 15x the traffic and there is zero time spend to achieve that.

If you are stuck on 1k visitors and want to get to 10k or more than you need a proper set up and automation.

Here is how his first month looked like.


Another client,  Immigration Lawyer – Jacob, increased his YouTube engagement and shows up on top of search results for keywords – “immigration lawyer” and “E2 Visa”.

Jacob is getting lots of leads thanks to the trust he build with his huge online presence. And Pinterest helps him grow even faster. It’s a blue ocean in his niche and no competiton!

immigration lawyer
e2 visa

Another client,  Travel Hacker, affiliate marketer and blogger- Goffe, increased his website traffic and has his content on top of search results on Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the main drivers of his blog traffic.

If you want to know how to fly for $100 business class- than make sure to follow his advice. He travelled to over 80 countries and teaches others how to do that on a budget but in business class and in 4 and 5 star hotels.

goffe miles points results

Another client,  jewelry e-com store owner – Eric, doubled his traffic to the store within 1st week of setting up the Pinterest account.

The store had a Pinterest account but it wasn’t managed for the past 3 years. Most of the pins were leading to broken links which couldn’t generate any sales.

Eric got my course and I worked directly with his employee – Cee to set up the account in the proper way. In April Cee started adding new pins and the traffic 8x within short 4 days.

Having a Pinterest account set up properly gives you an edge over your competion as you get completely free warm traffic (people see your product and it’s price on Pinterest and click so they can buy). After that you can also retarget them with your FB ads. Retargeting ads are way more profitable then ads served to a cold audience hence Pinterest is a great place to be as people find your products exactly when they need it.


Another client,  Personal Finance expert- Chane, increased his Pinterest reach very fast.

Another client,  High Performance Coach- Fitzgerald grew his Pinterest account in a record speed (starting from zero). This is how his account looked after 2 weeks since starting my course. 

I see lots of people managing their Pinterest accounts daily or having VAs do it and after years can’t see any results. At the same time my clients get them in short few weeks.

Another client, therapist- Sarah raving about my course and personal support. I am currently working with her VA to set up her account.

Another client,  Wedding Photographer – James took my course in a peek season and even though he couldn’t get to implementing, his early efforts still pay off and people find his profile on Pinterest with ease.

Can’t wait to see his account fully set up as his niche is huge on Pinterest and with a proper set up he will beat all the competition with ease.

james hirata pinmeapp

Another client, Digital Marketing Expert- Richard, talks about why he decided to take my course, what he thinks about it and tells you if it’s worth recommending- watch his testimonial.

Another client,  Retirement Planning Expert – Paul, gives his feedback about working with me.

the important thing is that i work with clients 
from many different niches

I get asked daily – is Pinterest going to work in my niche and the safe answer is to say – YES it will. 330m users each month look for solutions to their existing problems, whatever they may be. Here is a breakdown for 6 categories, this is all available in Pinterest to check how many monthly searches are performed. If you decide to set up your account properly and automate it, you might get lots of targeted prospects begging you to accept their cash.


Let’s talk about the power of selling online. For illustration purposes only!

Most marketers are only focused on FB ads. Competition is fierce and without huge advertising budget you’re not going to make it profitable. Just look at this

selling online

This all makes sense right? You put in $10k you take out $30k and get $20k revenue.

So why not everyone does this? Why not everyone invest in ads, keep reinvesting and make more each end every month?

At the end of the day it’s very expensive and you have no guarantee.

Most people invest $1k in ads and spend $2.5k on and ad manager. And the chance of signing up 1 clients out of $1k investment are honestly really low.

Yet when you invest only $1k, get 300 leads and book 10 calls, getting 1 client can be challenging and stressful experience.

With Pinterest you are getting 10 000 leads each month, with this math you should be closing 45 clients per month and putting $90k in your pocket.

And the best bit – you don’t have to share your revenue with Facebook.

There is also no stress with investing lots of money upfront each month.

Just think about it. Getting 10k prospects each month is 120,000 prospects each year – on average a $360k cost to acquire that with FB ads.

Even if you convert a small portion of this traffic- you get right people, you grow your email list so you can nurture them, you grow your social channels and have a huge audience you can now retarget with your fb ads.

“This All Looks Great, But This Course Thing Doesn’t Sound Cheap!”

You’re absolutely right, it’s not cheap.

After all, we’re essentially creating a business for you. We’re showing you how to set up a Pinterest account which sends endless traffic. 

As you can see I work with clients who have 7-8 figure mindset. They build business to be the best. Online you are competing agains everyone so you must either be the best or the cheapest. And I work with people who want to be the best.

Joanna’s Pinterest management costs over $10k to set up. Her 1:1 Coaching is at $2k per month with a 3 month contract.

Yet getting Pinterest course you’re effectively getting the same process Joanna uses to manage client accounts.

Plus our invaluable in-person support in the exclusive FB group

…all of that at a much lower price

Let’s break it down..

You are getting $13k worth of support  for only $3k.

Thats 3 months of intensive work on your account, but we are not saying bye after those 3 months. You can stay in the group and ask questions as long as you want.

If it takes you 3 months to set up the account it comes down to $1k per mont investment that can pay you big time, just like it did to me and my clients.

For many of my clients just having a 1 client thanks to Pinterest course already pays off for the investment.

How to Apply

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