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best pinterest course to get clients without ads pinmeapp joanna szewczyk

When was the last time you added a new traffic source to your sales process?

In this post I am going to share with you how you can save money, generate consistent, high-ticket sales, WHILE enjoying more freedom and feeling great about what you do. How can you get clients without paying for ads.

My name is Joanna. I help client based experts get clients from Pinterest. I reach 10m+ people on Pinterest each month and I spend ZERO time managing my account.

So you share half of your revenue with Facebook and you are looking for a way how you can make more money while reaching targeted audience and without using spammy organic, time consuming outreach methods.

And you realized that having people discover you works way better than if you have to ask them to buy.

But how can you reach a huge audience without ads? Organic reach is dead on FB, only 5% of your audience seas your content. And the answer is – have your content rank on top of search results. Google and Youtube are bigger search engines but it also means you have way more competition.

Pinterest on the other hand can connect you with 300M buyers and if you know how to set up your account for success you can generate way better results than with ads. When you can target specifically who is seeing the content you share.

My client Anna, was doing direct outreach on FB, creating lots of value content on her profile and sending 20 friend requests to people who were in her target market, hoping they will clcik on her profile, see her content and beome her clients. This is a very time consuming and inefficient method. Out of 600 requests sent per month she was getting less than 100 friends and as FB organic reach is very limited she couldn’t even say if they are able to see her content in their feed. You see with the hige amount of content people share on FB your content becomes irrelevant after 24h.

So when she signed up for my course she didn’t have Pinterest account. She started from scratch. Using my method she was spending 30min per day for 6 weeks doing very specific things to minimize the time spend and maximize the results she gets. And below you can see the results she got.

how long it takes to see results with pinterest pinmeapp joanna szewczyk anna

Two of her pins went viral and brought her 500 and 900 visitors on two of her FB posts. She 7x her podcast subscribers within 1 week of having pins set up on Pinterest. For the first time she was the one getting friend requests from people asking about her program and following her FB page and profile.

With only 40h of work she got way better results than using FB organic, time consuming methods and she reach audience od 100k people. From here over 6k came to her profile, intrigued by the content she shares.

If you are looking for a way to get laser targeted prospects in your network, on your sales pages, following you on all social channels, then setting up Pinterest is the cheapest and fastest way to do so.

You can have a fully set up Pinterest account within only 6 weeks (total of of 40h) implementing my step by step strategy.

You can also try to figure it out on your own and waste time where you could already sign up ready to buy clients.

I have to warn you, my course or done for you Pinterest Management is not cheap. But you are saving thousends of dollars if you were to attract the audience on FB. You save thousends of hours if you were to reach out to prospects in their dms or sending them cold email pitch.

You are getting a shortcut, so you only spend 40h (you can outsource it to your assistant or if even have me set up your Pinterest account) instead of wasting months, and blindly applying tips from so called experts who never got results close to my client Anna or others, or myself.

Doing things right will cost you, but doing things wrong will cost you even more.

If doing everything on your own was getting results people want, everyone would be a millionaire with a six pack. So although yes you can find information, implementation is completely different story. Do you get better results when you hire a personal trainer or if you just get a gym membership? Yet most people don’t do either. Can’t expect different results doing the same things over and over.

You can always find cheaper- but if you want something fully automated, “set and forget”. I am your only choice (check out PinMeApp). My done for you starts at $1250 per month which for all my clients generate ROI with only 1 client. How many clients could you generate if you got 10k clicks from your FB ad and how much bigger profit this would generate for you?

Do you want to get clients without paying for ads?

If the cost of the course or done for you is out of your reach it means you are not making money and thats also the best reason to join the course so you can start making them – a lot cheaper than monthly ad spent and retainer.

Interested to find out more about generating clients from Pinterest? Check out this short 15min video where I lay out my whole system, so you can go implement on your own, or hire me to ensure your account will be generating you money asap.

Go to PinMeApp.com/growth/

If you know someone who has high ticket offer or low ticket with loads of great testimonials and they are looking for ways to diversify where clients are coming from and growing, share this post with them.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed creating this for you!

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Hi! My name is Joanna. I help you grow your audience, scale your business and be even more profitable

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