Hi, my name is Joanna, I started all the stuff I care about.com blog in Jan 2017. I created posts about beauty, fashion, travel, rabbits, money blogging ect. Simply put: all the stuff I care about. After 10 months I realized my blog is not getting enough traffic so I dived into research. Till Oct 2017 I only had around 700 visitors on my blog per month. Then I implemented my Pinterest strategy and automated my pinning with my own build tool – PinMeApp. In Nov 2017 I got 3300 page views and then in Dec 2017 8500. That is how my app was born: PinMeApp. I wanted to help others grow traffic to their sites as well. Today I offer subscription for my app, but I also teach people my Pinterest strategy, step by step what I did to grow the traffic so fast, so that my blog is now getting around 20k page views each month. I also offer Pinterest Management and implement my strategy for brands who want to reach their audience on Pinterest as well. My Pinterest account reaches over 5m people monthly. If you want such results feel free to contact me. Cheers, Joanna

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Fastest was to increase your brand awareness online

How would your life/business change if you got 10,000 inbound prospects flowing into your sales process every single month? In this post/video I’m going to show you how to grow your brand awareness fast.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nACx6X4GD4g My name is Joanna and I help client-based experts to get inbound traffic & sales from Pinterest… every single month (without …

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