4 main reasons why people are missing out, not using Pinterest as a marketing tool to reach new clients.

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4 main reasons why people are missing out, not using Pinterest as a marketing tool to reach new clients. How to get over the misunderstanding and utilize Pinterest to reach your financial goals.

Main thing:

  1. They don’t know what Pinterest is – they’ve heard of it, but don’t know a lot more (or they think it’s just for researching home design stuff)
  2. If they do, they don’t see how it can help them
  3. If they do, they don’t believe they can create the right content (can’t create the graphics for the pins, don’t know how to make the pins seen by people, don’t know how to find the audience)
  4. If they do, they don’t believe they have the time/motivation to do this every day. Lots of boring manual work. 

When I think about why people are not utilizing Pinterest, even though I can tell it’s a perfect solution for their business to reach the right audience, here is what I have in mind.

  1. Lack of understanding that Pinterest can be the ferrari boat to take them from island a to island b. 
  2. Not knowing I exist. 
  3. Not knowing how it will work for them. 
  4. Being narrow minded. Make their mind before they understand how this solution can help them. 
  5. Not asking the right questions. 
  6. Not asking the right people.

So let me tell you a bit about Pinterest.

Pinterest is not just a “chicken feed” or “vision board” tool. In fact it’s a gold mine of useful articles, valuable ones, that were created not to rank on top of Google search results, SEO optimized, but actually bringing valuable information you won’t easily find using Google.

In fact the first articles I read on Pinterest, were blogging income reports. I stumbled upon Pinterest after I read an article in Forbes about a girl who makes over $100k per month with her blog and it’s a completely passive income and she travels the world on a boat full time. That got me thinking, if she can do it, so can I. I started a blog too.

I found out that many stay at home mums run blogs from home, spending up to 3h per day on creating and promoting their content and make a heftly $20k to $300k per month income. And the trick was the traffic. Most of them were getting a lot of traffic to their blog or shopify store from Pinterest. They blogged on popular “mom topics” and were getting tons of page- views per month.

In my case, not a mom, I didn’t want to create a content I don’t enjoy or care, so I created a blog called allthestuffIcareabout.com and as the name suggest the content was spread out, from hairstyle ideas, through healthy eating, travel, rabbits to making money blogging. This kind of websites don’t rank well on Google. You need to write content on one topic only and have lots of high quality backlinks. That’s something I didn’t want to do.

So my only other choice for free publicity was Pinterest. I created some pins, got access to some group boards, but the first 10 months I wasn’t getting nowhere with my traffic. Only 700 page views per month. I knew there is something I am missing, so I bought some Pinterest ebooks to see how this bloggers are getting 200k pageviews per month. But this advice wasn;t applicable for me and I didn’t intend to spend tons of time managing it.

So I sat there like a mad scientist, and decided I will figure out Pinterest on my own. And while I was researching everything there is about Pinterest and it’s algorithm I stumbled over a system that nobody seemed to know about (including all the various courses and ebooks I paid for). Even today, pretty much nobody – apart from me and my clients – use this approach. 

It’s called the CGMA Method and it works in 4 steps:

Step 1 – Create: We create your ‘Magnetic Profile’. which draws targeted buyers to you. With your marketing experience, this should be easy, but there are a few Pinterest-specific things we need to get right here. 

Step 2 – Grow: Now you have your Magnetic Profile, your audience needs to see it. My Exponential Follower Technique not only gets you a ton of new followers, but the RIGHT followers (ie prospects who want to buy!) 

Step 3 – Manage: Using my Strategic Pin Method, you’ll put tantalising, exciting content out to your new audience. These ‘Pins’ all link to your existing content on other platforms. Because this is the right audience, as a result they will click through to your blog/Insta/Youtube/<insert social media channel of your choice>. This is where it gets really exciting for you specifically – because you already have a ton of converting offers, you don’t have to set anything new up. You just send people to the places which convert already and it’s like free money!

Step 4 – Automate: Once you’ve created enough content (usually takes 1-4 weeks), we now automate the repinning of this content using my PinMeApp. Basically this means you need to spend ZERO time managing your account from now on. 

In other words, I set up the account in one week and turn on my PinMeApp automation to do the repinning for me.

In the first month my traffic grew from 700 to 3300 pageviews. Which was a 420% increase in traffic to my blog. One week of work for me and daily strategic repinning by my secret weapon tool- PinMeApp. Next month, without any additional effort my traffic grew to 8500 – 1200% increase in traffic in 2 months is not something I would ever expect.

But at this point I decided that I want to make my tool available for others so they can get the same results with minimum effort. Today I offer my Pinterest Training which is my CGMA method and personal support from me. Because my goal is not to sell you an ebook, but to help you get results. And I offer PinMeApp as a monthly subscription tool that will take all the headache of managing Pinterest account off your plate.

I must tell you, that now 2 years after I created CGMA and PinMeApp I get 30,000 page views to my allthestufficareabout.com blog and I spend ZERO time managing it.

So if you offer courses or 1:1 support, have lots of very well converting offers/sales pages/ email subscription pages/ social media channels where you want to drive targeted traffic. Pinterest can be a tool that will easily bring you the right people at the right time.

How much more money would you make if your offer reached additional 10,000 people per month, at this moment looking for the solutions you offer?

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