3 reasons why you aren’t financially independent yet

3 reasons why you arent financially independent yet-2

It really comes down to those 3 if you really want to be financially independent.

  1. Your offer

People don’t understand it, they don’t buy it, it’s not credible, it doesn’t speak directly to them. It should either speak to their pain points or show them new opportunity, they don’t want to miss out on.

Whatever your offer is, whether it’s a high ticket or low ticket (course or ebook) or a product it has to be promoted in a way your ideal clients understands the value it brings for them.

2. They don’t know your offer exist

They need your offer, they look for solution you provide, but they can’t find you. Your competition created more, better content, spend more on ads and takes your best clients, those who are ready to buy now. You keep spending on ads, but those aren’t shown to your ideal prospects. You didn’t create any value content they can easily find in search engines. They haven’t found your social media channels. Your goal is to increase your brand awareness.

3. You can’t convert

You can’t sell. You are messaging with your prospects and they go quiet on you or they take the lead during the conversation. Or you are just so scared and demand sale without properly elicit their needs.

Once you have an offer that converts all you really need is high quality traffic- audience that wants to buy.

And I can help you promote your offer to this very specific audience that’s eager to buy. Click here and watch a short 20min video where I will walk you though the process that helped:

  • me – 12x the traffic to my site in 60 days
  • Anna – 3x her podcasts subscribers in 1 week (from 50 to 150!) and reached audience of 100k people
  • Jacob – become the no1 immigration lawyer on Pinterest and rank on top of search results for his specific keywords
  • Jackson – 7x the traffic to his site in 1 month and reach 1 000 000 audience!

You can get similar results, everything you need is available, all you need to do is decide that you want it. That you want to grow your presence easily and effortlessly- because nothing have to be hard. Set it and forget it.

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