3 quick tips how you can make more course sales

how to get more course sales with pinterest

Wondering how you can make more course sales?

In this post/video I’m going to give you 3 tips how to get more course sales without sacrificing revenue.

My name is Joanna. I help client based experts get clients from Pinterest. I know it sounds weird to get clients from Pinterest.

I reach over 10M people on Pinterest and 20k-40k people visits my blog after finding my pins on Pinterest.

So how can you make more course sales?

First of all you need a bigger audience. The more people know about your course, its benefits, results, the more people are going to be interested and buy. This is a numbers game. The more people know about you the more money you make.

And so what? Should I join another social media platform and grow my following there- it’s time consuming. Or should I invest more money in ads?

Neither. You don’t need to spend countless hours curating another social profile nor you need to sacrifice your revenue with ads.

Pinterest is a search engine and can promote your content and course for free. The secret lies in the set up, so you set it up once, automate and get traffic on autopilot.

Number two: more trust

Create content that people would trust, get testimonials from your students, create case studies, show your own results, the more proof, the more trust and the easiest is to sell to people who already found you. Don’t just hope that someone will see your sales page or watch webinar and they will straight away believe that this is the best course for them. Show the results your clients are getting.

And number three: easier checkout.

There is 3bn in abandoned carts every year. Make sure to test checkout on different browsers

If you want to know how to reach bigger audience with Pinterest I created a 15min video where I walk you step by step showing you my CGMA method that my students use to get huge exposure for their courses.

My student Anna had reached 100k people on Pinterest within 2 months of starting, 2 of her pins went viral and brought her 907 and 500 visitors to 2 of her posts where she promotes her high ticket course. From 6k visitors she had scheduled 6 calls in just 2 short weeks after having her account set up and automated.

This is possible for everyone. The only thing you need is a proper set up. The more trustworthy content you have and easy checkout the more course sales you’ll make. And all the profits go to you. Pinterest will promote your course everyday for eternity for free.

So go watch this short 15min video and learn my method how to get your course in front of huge audience completely for free and make sales on autopilot.

Instead of trying to grab attention of bored Facebook users who scroll looking for entertainment, share your course with people who actually want to imprve their life and are looking for solutions you offer.

So instead of leaving money on the table and wasting money on ads you can spend 40h and have a platform that sends you clients on autopilot for free for life.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in a comment! Would like to hear what’s on your mind

Go to PinMeApp.com/growth

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post/video as much as I’ve enjoyed making it for ya. If you know an independent client-based business owner who wants more clients, feel free to share it with him/her. See you in the next video. Until then, keep up the good work!

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how to get more course sales with pinterest

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Hi! My name is Joanna. I help you grow your audience, scale your business and be even more profitable

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