2 main reasons why people don’t join my course

why people should join my pinterest course

Before I dive into the reasons why people don’t get my Pinterest Course I explain who is my course for.

My ideal customer is a successful entrepreneur/professional making $10k+, ideally $20k+ per month, well positioned as a trusted expert, with lots of value content, testimonials, case studies, results. They can be marketing on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, their own website.

Can be coach, lawyer, plastic surgeon (before-after photos) ect. As long as they have established business, lots of followers, engagement already. They have some kind of high ticket offering. 

The problem they are facing is they have to continuously create new content in order to stay relevant – competition is fierce in they preferred social media platform, so they need to outperform the competitors. They are tired of convincing people to buy from them, they want to finally have clients asking to work with them. 

They can be doing direct outreach or run fb ads, but they still want additional stream of clients and can afford it.

They look for opportunity to get their content in front of people who are at this moment looking for help and ready to invest. People who may not have followed them for a long time, but a quick scroll through their social media channels and website give them the needed confirmation that its the right person for them to work with.

They don’t price shop, they look for the best expert in the field, they want to know and understand the process before they make a decision to buy my Pinterest Training.

They have assistant, they can delegate 1-2h per day the manual set up task for a total of 40h. Once the initial set up is completed, Pinterest will be 100% automated and bring potential customers daily for years.

They want to see their content show up on top of search results for their most targeted keywords, eg “immigration lawyer”, “how to scale your business”, “breast augmentation miami before and after”

They don’t have a problem bringing money in, but are not able to scale and 5x they income with the same time spent on marketing.

They value their time and need high quality leads. Ready to buy.

So here are the reasons they don’t get my Pinterest Course

  1. It’s expensive- I can’t afford it. If you are an entrepreneur and can’t afford my course that’s exactly why you need it. You need people to buy what you sell. And thats exactly what you gonna get when you take my course. Because if you can’t afford it – means you need more clients, if you are not making money you have an expensive hobby- not a business
  2. I still have time- I am good, I make money I don’t need it. Sure you don’t but if you want to expand your business and reach audience you and your competition are currently not reaching -than you certainly are missing out on those millions of monthly searches that are happening. I know your cold expensive fb traffic converts- the warm free traffic from Pinterest will convert 5 times faster whether you like it or not. 93% people who come to Pinterest have a buy intent. With my Pinterest promo skills and your irresistible offer that can be the exact reason how you will scale your business in 2020.

There is 3rd reason – I don’t have time now, I am swamped- which is of course just an excuse- because hiring a VA to implement it for you is always an option

The 4th reason – it’s so difficult – I don’t know where you take this info from but its simple easy and takes 40h to implement- a set and forget type of thing and each month you’ll get 10k visitors to your already converting offers.

I could go on and on, but there is no point- I don’t need to try to convince no-one that having more people know your about offer can grow your sales- that’s logic. And people who get this logic become my clients.

Cheers to the 3% of population that make decisions using logic and not act on impuls.

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