12 reasons why you need a lot of content on your site

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Are you worried about not getting enough people to read your post? A possible reason could be that you don’t have much content posted on your blog site. Ok! No worries, all you have to do is to create more.

Here are some reason why you need more content posted on your blog site

1. To attract wider range of people

Different topic will attract different readers. Let’s say you wrote a post “Ultimate guide to Honolulu”, you wrote a long post that specifies what to do in Honolulu, What to see, where to stay, what food you need to try ect ect.

Now when your potential reader is looking for the place to stay in Honolulu and want to read some reviews first they would most likely type: “where to stay in Honolulu” in the search bar. Now even though your article contains this information, the title says “Ultimate guide to Honolulu” which may be less attractive at this point for this particular user, then a title “where to stay in Hawaii”. So to make sure you are not loosing potential readers to your competition you could write an ultimate guide to Honolulu but also write a detailed guides and provide even more information on the detailed topics. You could o even further and create posts like “where to stay in Honolulu: overview of most popular neighborhoods”, “where to stay in Honolulu when traveling with kids/as a couple/solo ect.

2. To cross promote your content

Coming back to the example from the point above, now having lots of articles you can easily cross-promote your content. You can link to other related articles by saying”read more”, “you may also like”, “additional tips” ect. Doing this will not only help your reader find even more information they currently need, it would help you grow your authority as a specialist in this field. Many people rely on advice, you do it too. The more content you provide, the more accurate the better. People would stay longer on your site, read more of your content and possibly even bookmark your site. They may share your posts (always remember to have share buttons on your site, but also save to Pinterest buttons on your pictures).

3. To give your readers reason to come back

abc If reader read one of your posts but you didn’t link to anything they would be interested to check out at this time there is small chance they will come back. If on the other hand user read 3-5 of your posts in one go, there is a chance they enjoyed your content and will come back again searching for more.

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4. To turn your reader into subscriber

This one seems obvious. If you read one post the likelihood you will subscribe to someones blog is close to 0. If on the other hand you read a handful of useful information you have no problem subscribing to get notification when a new post is out. The more content you have and the more you can showcase it for the user the better.

5. To keep your followers engaged

If you did a great job and lended some followers now you definitely want to keep them engaged, create new content so they can enjoy it. That is the easiest way to get yourself some page views. You already have readers who wait on your new content to be published.

6. To build trust and authority

Having few articles on your site will not build trust and authority. You need to be seen as a go to person for your niche to stand out. If you read this post there is high chance you consume a lot of articles daily and most of the time you don’t even know who wrote them, what site you were on. That is the case when the author didn’t engage you, didn’t provide you links to more of their content, and after reading one articles you left. But you also know some websites and writers who write engaging content and you read 3-5 articles on one sitting. You most likely remember the site or you at least bookmarked it. That is how you build trust and authority, by creating engaging content and lots of it. And the quality of your writing style have to engage the reader.

7. To increase your reference tags

Creating an original content can be real work and one that consumes much time and energy. But if you can be disciplined to write many articles around a topic you are considering, you will find it beneficial in the long run. With more content on your site, you will be able to tag and refer your readers to other posts related to the article they are reading. With more content, you will be able to link your posts to each other and provide your readers with all sufficient information relating to your niche. With a lot of content, you will be able to refer your readers to your last post or a past related post or even tell them to view an updated post on the subject. Always make sure that each of your posts refer to one or two other posts on your blog.

8. To improve your site ranking.

The more you post the more readers you attract. The more you link your posts the longer readers stay on your site, reading through couple of your articles. That sends a message to Google that your content is high quality. The more links you build the better. If people save your content in their bookmark tab, the better. So if you have just one blog post and not reference other content, you won’t keep your reader on your site, you wont give them reason to bookmark your site. Make sure you have a lot of high quality content that is linked to each other and then you have a chance to increase your site ranking and get even more people being sent to your site from Google. The more content you produce around a topic the more keywords you are able to target with again increases your chances of being found on Google.

9. To keep your followers updated about your site.

To have more people visit your site, creating new content and getting them posted at least twice a week would be great. Know that your readers are optimistic about your next post so don’t get them disappointed. When you have lots of post on a consistent basis, you get your visitors interested in your site and can even turn them to a subscriber. With more content posted on your site, you will be able to inform your followers on social media platforms and keep them updated about your recent post. But if you only upload post once in a while your followers might forget about you quickly. Consistency is key, so make sure you post regularly and your audience will come again on your site.

10. To keep your followers engaged and spend more time on your blog site.

Having more content on your blog site will help you keep your readers engage on your blog site. The more time your readers spend on your blog site, the lower the bounce rate and the better for Google algorithm to rank you higher in the search results.

11. To build trust for a revisit

Your readers will build trust in you when they know that you have lots of high quality original content on your blog site in regard to your site niche. Many readers will be glad to revisit your website knowing fully well that you provide sufficiently, updated and related information that solves their problems and answer the questions on their area of interest.

12. To make more money with your blog

If you are monetizing your blog with ads than the more content you have the more page views you have. The more page views you have the more money you will make. It is that simple. Bloggers sometimes publish they blogging income reports and you can be surprised how much traffic they are able to attract to their sites. The secret behind those page views lies in the amount of content they have (among other factors) but comparing page views of a blog that has 30 articles vs blog that has 300 articles might give you an idea why having more content will help you make more money.

Thanks for reading and watching! As always, let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you. And if you found this slightly helpful, I’d appreciate if you could help me share with more people. Cheers!

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why do you need a lot of content pinmeapp pinterest tips pinterest scheduler pinterest automation pinterest manager

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