10 reasons why your business needs Pinterest

10 reasons why your business needs Pinterest pinmeapp-2

Wandering how and if Pinterest can benefit your business? In this post I lay out 10 main reasons why you should pay attention to this huge visual search engine.


Pinterest users are ready to buy. No need to convince them. It’s easy. They look for solutions, answers, products and services to better their life. They also look for inspiration and you have a chance to introduce your product/service at the earliest stages in their buying journey.

Having the right people see your contnet at the right time outperforms all social media and paid ads.

You can compare it to someone who is looking to read a book, they know what type of book they want to read, they don’t care what FB post is in their feed, they make their own decisions as to what they do with their time.


In most cases there is no competition at all. My client – Jacob is the only immigration lawyer on Pinterest. And guess what, in the huge 300m community of Pinterest users there are people who are looking for legal advice.

There are of course niches that are heavily occupied already like DIY, TRAVEL, FASHION, BEAUTY, DECOR, WEDDING ect but with a proper set up – there is a way to outperform your competition – especially if you are an expert and offer solutions that deliver real results.

My client Anna is a fertility expert so she is in a very saturated niche as lots of bloggers drive traffic from Pinterest to their mum blogs. But none of them offer a 6 weeks program that helps get pregnant naturally and saves 90% cost compared to IVF. So within 2 months of having an account set up and automated Anna reached over 100k people with her content and started getting potential clients reaching out to her directly. Thanks to the work she did during the course. You can read about Anna’s results here.


Compared to social media, Pinterest offers huge time efficiency. No need to post daily and waste time on engagement posts to get better reach. (clickbaity content to up your ranking in the algorithm). It’s a long term game. You set up account once and you get results for life. Best bit – it can be fully automated.


You get maximum results with minimum time involvement. No need to build huge following for months or years to only see 3% engagement rate. It’s the exact opposite. When I had 200 followers I was reaching 1M people on Pinterest and 10k were visiting my site per month. Compared to Facebook where I have 3k friends and my videos are seen by around 100 people, this is so much more satisfying. You can get off this hamster wheel of constant content creation and pour the gasoline on the fire – promote the content that performs well.

Pinterest is a huge platform with 300M monthly active users and can connect you with your target audience. Increase your brand awareness and reach people who otherwise would never find out about your offer. And don’t get me started on virality potential. Anna had 2 pins go viral in the first 2 weeks of having an account set up that brought her 900 and 500 visitors respectively.


Pinterest is search engine so your pins must lead to a content that you have elsewhere- on your website or social media channels. Thanks to that the content you create is now visible not only to that audience but to Pinterest audience as well. Think about all your Facebook posts- those will never show up in Google search results. YouTube is a platform of its own- won’t redirect you elsewhere. So Pinterest is the most similar to Google, but gives you even bigger opportunity to grow your social channels.

You can boost your best performing, evergreen content. Pinterest dominate in Google image search and 30% of users come to Pinterest redirected from Google search! Pinterest is not time sensitive you can promote your evergreen content and have visitors years after you added a pin. Something that will never be applicable on social media where lifespan of a post is 24h.


Whatever your marketing strategy is, whether you do organic content on FB, YouTube or IG or promote with ads, Pinterest can be an additional source of clients and a safety net if something happens and your FB account gets blocked. We usually don’t think about diversification when there is nothing to protect but when you have business to run and people to pay you can’t afford not having access to your main source of leads. And I’ve seen if several times when people were banned on FB for months and had to build their following from ground up on other platform. Usually moving from FB to LI.


When you post on Pinterest you can easily get your content in front of your target audience leveraging access to group boards and without wasting time on building your own following. It’s like having Gary Vee tell you, feel free to promote your content on my channels to my audience for free – can you imagine having such a huge audience for free – well it’s the same on Pinterest and it’s actually possible.

Much lower cost than traditional advertising.


If you want to rank high on Google you need to build links. Each pin is an inbound link that helps you rank high in Google faster!


No need to build huge following. You can build your brand fast.


People come to Pinterest at very early stage to look for answers- we all self medicate before we decide to hire experts to do things for us- we need to understand the process so we can make best decision. Having your brand be the first one that a client ever found out about build your expert status immediately.

So there you have it. Pinterest is really powerful and can literally put targeted traffic in your sales funnel on autopilot. You can spend 8-12 months to figure out how to get the most out of Pinterest OR you can watch this short 12min webinar where I will walk you step by step my secret method to generate amazing results for me and my clients. I already went through the pain and suffering so you literally get the shortcut. If you have an existing sales process & you just want more traffic, this will blow your mind: https://PinMeApp.com/growth

10 reasons why your business needs Pinterest-2
10 reasons why your business needs Pinterest pinmeapp-2
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