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PinMeApp was created to help you manage your Pinterest presence. While working on the app we had 3 main goals in mind:

  • Save time - so you do not pin your pins over and over again. You set it up once and we will pin according to your schedule
  • Save money - we do not want you to limit your pinning based on the price we charge per pin. We only charge you per month or year and you decide how much you pin
  • Make money - an affiliate program that helps you make money when you bring us new clients

Once you create an account all you need to is set up your jobs in the CONFIGURE panel

  • A job consists of SOURCE BOARD, TARGET BOARD(S) and time-slots when you need us to pin. You can enable, disable, edit remove and save every job you create.
  • In order for us to populate the BOARDS you have on your Pinterest profile we will prompt you to enable us to connect to your Pinterest account. It is done by API, so we never have physical access to your profile and have no clue what password you have. It is very important for us that your information are safe. If you want to know what applications have access to your Pinterest profile click here to find out. You can always take this access away. If you take away our access we will no longer be able to pin on your behalf, but we will let you know once it happens.
  • The BOARDS that you can pin from and to must be public boards, as we won't see your hidden boards. It will be your boards and the boards you are a contributor.
  • Timeslots will be set up according to your timezone preference, which you can always update in the ACCOUNT SETTINGS

Additional functionality is Pin Now. We decided to add this so you can introduce a new pin, or just post a trending pin at once to all relevant boards.
All you need to do is provide a pin link and target boards. You can pick target boards every time, but you can also use your predefined set up from your schedule and pick targets from an already existing job.

Pricing & Benefits

$0/7 days $10/month
10 Job schedules 10 Job schedules 100 Job schedules
Unlimited schedulingUnlimited scheduling Unlimited scheduling
Health Board Report Included Health Board Report Included Health Board Report Included
Pin Now! Included Pin Now! Included Pin Now! Included
GET FREEGet Basic $10/MonthGet Premium $15/month
Get Basic $100/yearGet Premium $150/year

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